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Things I Never Thought I Needed… Until We Got Them

Somehow, in the last eighteen months, the number of items that our toddler ‘needs’ has grown exponentially. We’ve reached the dreaded point where it feels like there’s a Will area in every corner of the house. I so desperately want to be one of those parents who has little need for a multitude of baby […]

buy now and wear later

15 Great Winter to Spring Transitional Items, That You Can Wear Now And Later

It’s that time of year again! The time when we are all craving spring, but we still have a good 1.5-2 months left of winter, all the winter stuff is deeply on sale or sold out and the stores are packing in spring goods. It’s a time of year that needs a real name (spring […]

diaper bag

What’s in my diaper bag: 7 month old + 3 year old

The items in my diaper bag keep evolving as the needs of my kids change.  The things I needed for Baby Pizza when she had reflux has recently been replaced with items needed for when I want to feed her solids. It seems like such a long list. I’m amazed that it all fits in my bag! 1. Baby bag […]


Gift Ideas for Two-Year Olds

One of the toughest things for me about Jackson getting older has been the ever-evolving and growing collection of toys we have! I get so frustrated with toys that he only plays with for a few months before he grows out of them, and for a while there I felt like we couldn’t keep up with […]


8 Educational Gifts for Two & Under

I tend to gravitate toward toys that seem to have an educational focus to them. Growing up those are the type of toys my parent bought me in the hopes of adding enrichment through play. Many of the toys on this list are ones I bought for Drake that I have pulled out for Juliet […]

picture books

My 15 Favorite Picture Books (so far)

I love going to Barnes and Noble and browsing over all the new picture books. I don’t buy a lot of books during the year save for birthdays and Christmas, so when I do buy I tend to get quite a few per child. When I choose books I not only look at the stories […]


Unique children’s book recommendations

I recently listened to an interview with B.J. Novak, star of The Office and author of a bestselling children’s book with an interesting concept – no pictures. It’s literally called “The Book With No Pictures,” and it’s become an instant classic. The interviewer asked why he wrote such a book, and if he could use […]

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