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Fine Motor Toys

At her Early Intervention evaluation, Juliet’s fine and gross motor skills were both on the lower end for her age.  Since then she has certainly blossomed a lot, but I have been working with her more as well trying to help her along. I have been looking for more grasping toys to help her get [...]


My Five Minute Face

{I feel like I’ve had a lot of really heavy posts recently… I think it’s time to lighten the mood a little, no?!} I’ve been wearing make-up daily since I was 13 and “officially” allowed to wear it by my parents. (I may or may not have had a secret bag in my backpack with [...]


Wohm Pumping Essentials

As a WOHM, these are my pumping essentials!


Staying Spontaneous – My Secret Weapon – Toddler Edition

In our family, spring signals the start of our warm weather adventures! Last summer I published this post about how we stored certain items in our trunk so that we were more easily able to jump in the car and head off for adventure without having to worry about forgetting something. Now that Little Lion is officially [...]


Favorite 4 Year-Old Toys

At 4 and a half, Lil’ CB’s bike and basketball hoop are probably his most favorite toys. But, he hasn’t abandoned his little boy toys quite yet! Lil’ CB has definitely moved from playing with a toy for a few minutes here and there to focusing on one type of play for much longer stretches [...]


Graphic Tees for Babies

As much as I love preppy little outfits and sweet little dresses, lately I’ve had no restraint when it comes to graphic tees for Baby Markers. Since it’s still a bit chilly, I put a long-sleeved onesie on her underneath or maybe a sweater over the tee so she stays warm.  When spring finally hits, [...]


Books Daddy Likes

When Drake was little, Mr. Chocolate and I did bedtime together most nights. We would take turns reading to him but as Drake got older, he had a marked preference for having me read to him every night. Since Juliet’s birth though, Mr. Chocolate ends up doing bedtime by himself often so I have started [...]

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