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top 10 best gifts for 5 year olds

Top 10 Gifts for Five Year Old Boys

I can’t believe it—somehow I have a five-year-old. Seriously, when did that happen?! Although my preschooler loves all things pink and purple, when it comes to toys he has always gravitated toward traditionally “boy” categories—trucks, sports, and building—so my gift guide leans heavily in that direction. But of course any of the items on this […]

Favorite Baby Gear 0-3 Months

Favorite 0-3 Newborn Items

I had saved several of my favorite things from Toddler Pencil’s newborn years, but of course there are always more things to buy. I found a few of these new items to be really useful for Baby Pencil! 1) Luclear Baby Washcloths – I love these super soft, fluffy wash cloths for wiping bottoms, washing the face, and […]


(more) gift ideas for the unicorn-obsessed

Almost a year ago, I was looking at gift ideas for Lil’ Pizza who was in love with unicorns and wrote this post. And as the holidays and her birthday are approaching, I noticed that I was looking at all things unicorn again. There’s just so much out there and it’s all still pretty cute. […]


Our Favorite Pool Gear

I know swimming is probably the last thing on most of your minds, but we’ve been building a pool and it’ll be done in a couple of weeks! Charlie and Olive can hardly contain their excitement because it’ll be ready just in time for Charlie to have a birthday pool party. Since we live in year […]


Gift Ideas for 6-Year-Olds

Olive’s 6th birthday party is this weekend and we’ll also be in America on her actual birthday, so we’ll probably do something there to celebrate as well. Friends have been asking about gift ideas, so I rounded up some things that I know she (and probably other 6-year- olds) would love! Arts and Crafts Library – Arts […]


Rhythm and Rhyme Children’s Books

The rhythm and rhyme of children’s books is the soundtrack to my days with little ones. Hearing my toddler repeat phrases with the story, and watching my older kiddo create silly rhymes are my favorite memories to make. We have shelves of book we inherited from family members or found on hunts through Goodwill. Here […]

bjorn bouncer

My 3rd Baby Must Haves For the First 3 Months

Today I’m sharing my 3rd baby must-haves for the first 3 months! It took having a 3rd baby in 4 years to finally convince me that less can in fact actually be more when it comes to baby gear. Actually scratch that, when it comes to ALL stuff. I’ve had a mostly delightful maternity leave, but boy […]

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