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nursing must haves

My Nursing Must-Haves

Breastfeeding was probably the thing I knew least about when it came to parenting, and was the thing that gave me the most anxiety. When casually browsing online before Little Oats was born, I saw horror story after horror story about mangled nipples, terrible latches, tongue ties, low supply, and more. Then, there was the […]

Zero waste

Zero Waste To-Go Kit: Mama Style

Let’s take a break from all the heavy emotional stuff and talk about something much more fun, green living! Zero Waste isn’t necessarily a new movement, but it’s been gaining popularity thanks to Bea Johnson and her advocation of her zero waste lifestyle. The basic principle is to generate zero waste flowing to the landfill; however […]


Party Games to Play This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and for my family that has always meant GAMES! Growing up, my family played a game we simply called “Marbles,” but it was basically a variation of Wahoo (which is basically a grownup version of Sorry). We played this almost exclusively at every family gathering…we played for hours upon hours and we loved […]


Starting Solids

We are about a month away from starting solid foods with Little Bug and even though I have done this before, I am getting prepared early this time with what I have deemed essential for this stage in his life. 1. Food- Beech-Nut Baby Foods – For the first two months or so of solids, I make […]


The First Month: Top 5 Most Useful Items for Mom and Baby

When I was pregnant, I pored over gear guides and blog posts trying to figure out what I would need when Baby P arrived. Now that she is a month old (how did that happen so fast?!) I’ve figured out what is useful for us. These 5 items are used on a daily basis at […]


Mini-Me Mini Style

For a long time before Lil’ CG joined our family, I assumed I’d be all about the pink and frilly and super duper girly clothes for our little girl. And then I started shopping for her and realized that what I’m really drawn to are more neutral pieces that are essentially mini versions of things […]


Shopping for Showers at the Grocery Store

I’m a busy mom of two, and most of my friends have at least one child. I’ve recently been invited to a number of second baby showers. I don’t have a lot of time to shop, so I’ve started getting gifts at the grocery store when I’m doing my own shopping. It is fun to […]

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