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What’s in Our Library Bag

Lil’ CB and I visit the public library regularly every 2-3 weeks. It’s one of our favorite things to do together and we usually spend an hour or so browsing and choosing books to take home. On each visit, we usually end up with between 20-25 books. Some are hits, others are misses, but all […]

Click Clack

Author Spotlight: Doreen Cronin

by: Mrs. Tricycle I got to meet Doreen Cronin when she accepted an award for her contribution to children’s literature at a state  library conference I planned. You know an author has the potential to be really cool when they begin an acceptance speech by reading negative tweets about their work. Doreen’s just that, not […]


Pops of Color to Revive Your Winter Blahs

Right about now is the time of year when I get sick of all the grey and dreary and cold winter weather. (New Englanders, you get a special shout-out because you’re probably feeling this x 1,000,000!) At the start of winter, I’m all about the cozy winter whites and head-to-toe in (less than 50) shades […]


Mo Willems

by: Mrs. Cowgirl It’s no secret that Mo Willems is my very favorite author. I think he is a total genius who has really helped to change the face of children’s literature over the last decade. Some might even say I’m a bit obsessed with the guy…I mean, I did go to events to meet […]

potty training essentials

Potty Training Essentials

They say that girls are usually easier to potty train than boys, but Charlie was easily potty trained while Olive was more of a challenge. We kept putting it off because she didn’t show much interest, then we were traveling, jet lag, etc. But starting a new preschool last fall was a great motivator for […]


If I were registering today

We are 99.9% sure that we are “two and through” with kids, but if I had the opportunity to register today, with the benefit of hindsight, these are definitely the items that I would want to add to my wish list again. 1) Uppababy G-luxe Umbrella Stroller – I cannot say enough about this umbrella stroller. It’s pricey, […]


My Favorite Children’s Art and Children’s Book Illustrators

Long before I had children, I’d always been a fan of illustrators. A few of my college friends (as well as my SIL) are artists and graphic designers, and they introduced me to the beautiful world of art and illustration. My own personal taste has always leaned toward the whimsical and sweet with some Asian […]

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