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Full Coverage Swimming Suits for Mom

Most of you probably aren’t in the market for a swimming suit right now, but there are some great end of season sales going on at stores like J Crew if you want to plan ahead for next summer. Since we’re moving to a tropical destination where the temperatures average 85 degrees and humid year […]

What-to-Pack-in-Your-Hospital-Bag (1)

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

I wrote this checklist of what to pack in your hospital bag 6 weeks before Olive’s due date, but because she was born 5 weeks early I never got a chance to pack one. Now that I’ve had two kids with two different types of births, I thought I’d share what I wish I had […]

hellobee_fall winter maternity coats

14 Functional and Stylish Fall and Winter Maternity Coats

Ah! Winter talk! Run and hide, RUN AND HIDE! It was hard for me to type the word, probably as hard as it was for you to read it. But it’s going to come eventually and it’s always less painful if you are fully prepared. I gathered up the best fall and a few winter […]


Books I want to read: Parenting, marriage, and life

For a long time after having Jackson, I didn’t read any books…ever. I just didn’t have the time! However, lately I’ve started to get back into reading a bit in the evenings on my Kindle – I’m super slow because I never make it more than 20 minutes or so before I start nodding off, […]


The Ultimate Newborn Nursing Kit

Breastfeeding did not come easily with Charlie, and after 4 months I ended up exclusively pumping with him. I was fine with it emotionally, and would have been ok if breastfeeding hadn’t worked out with Olive either. The first eight weeks with Olive were rocky since she was so small, tired and weak, but we persevered and made […]


The Ultimate Postpartum Care Kit

Last week I hung out with a mom of a 3-month old and a 7-month pregnant mom to be. We got to talking about having babies, and the mom of the newborn said that she wished she had read more on what the postpartum experience would be like. It’s been almost 4 years since I […]


Vacation Book Recommendations

School has probably started for most everyone by now (it was Charlie’s first day today), but I wanted to share these vacation book recommendations while they’re still fresh on my mind from our recent trip to the Philippines. I read everything on my iphone through the Kindle app and get through books much faster that […]

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