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Gifts for the Minecraft Lover

My kids, ages 4 and 6, have been obsessed with Minecraft for the past year like all of their friends. Obsessed would be an understatement as nothing has ever captured their interest so intensely! While playing Minecraft (and other video games) can have downsides, I think it also has many positives. The worlds my kids build are […]


Favorite Etsy Clothing, Decor, and Newborn Photo Props

Etsy has some of the cutest and most unique items. I have purchased many gift and home decor items off Etsy, from wooden signs to coasters to passport holders to ornaments. Here’s my roundup of some of my favorite Etsy finds for babies. Baby Giraffe hat: I love newborn photos even though we didn’t really […]


My Entire Makeup and Skincare Collection

I’ve always loved hair and makeup products (I loved going to beauty supply stores in Los Angeles back in the pre-Sephora days), and today I’m sharing every single beauty product I currently own. It’s a lot because I stocked up on my recent trips to Korea and Singapore, and friends from America have brought me […]


August Mommy Favorites!

I have no idea where August went — I feel like it just started and now September is almost over! I thought I would share some of my Mommy Favorites from the past month! Waterproof Bibs – Even though Mini Pbj is over 2, she still wears a bib at most meals…especially when we are eating out! […]


Fiona’s Favorite Books

Fiona loves being read to like her oldersiblings. These days it’s harder to find time to read to all three separately, so most of the time Fiona is left amusing herself with her own books while I read to Drake and Juliet before bed. Watching Fiona’s fascination with flipping pages made me want to spend […]


Books on Race for Children

Last week, I wrote this post about our transracial family, and Mrs. Milk also wrote a fantastic post about race that you should read if you haven’t. Sometimes it’s hard (and really intimidating) to start a conversation with your kids on a topic you’re unsure of, and in my experience, books have made that easier. We […]


Will’s Favorite Gifts at 2 Years Old

One of my favorite things to seek out here on Hellobee are gift ideas for kids in my life – including my own! Last year, I shared what I thought Will would love around one year old and now I’m back with what our two year old received for his birthday last month and is […]

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