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kindergarten essentials

Essentials for Starting Kindergarten

Last year I blogged about Charlie’s lunchbox essentials when he started public pre-k. Now that we have a whole year of school under our belt, we know what gear we need when he starts kindergarten next week! 1) Gap Junior Canvas Backpack (also available in black) – Charlie had a Skip Hop dog backpack that he [...]

favorite newborn gear

Favourite Gear: Months 0-3

When Little Oats was a newborn, there were so many products that we loved. While I’m not on board with buying every baby product on the shelves, there are a handful that I swear by. I know that while I was pregnant, I read every gear guide I could get my hands on, looking for [...]


Fractured Fairy Tales

As a child fairy tales, especially the kind that involved a princess and a prince, were my favorites. I could listen all day to stories as long as someone was there to read them. In second grade my favorite teacher, Mrs. Wortley, asked the class if we had ever heard the story of the Three [...]


ABC Books

Alphabet books are a staple in most homes with young kids. Still there are only so many ways to make the alphabet fun — it’s the same letters in the same order every time. When I started looking for ABC books for Drake I wanted them to be more then just the letters. This is [...]


Go to gifts for pre-school kids

Since Drake started school this year, he has been invited to numerous birthday parties from his classmates. His class was very small this year — only 6 other kids besides him — but we ended up going to many more parties including those of family friends and friends from other classes we’ve made. Next year [...]


Tried and True: Books We Read Over and Over ( … and Over)

There is no shortage of books in our house. Even when I (finally) put my foot down and tell my 3-year-old, “No, you absolutely cannot have another toy car,” chances are decent that I may still buy him a book. Unlike toy cars, you can never have too many books. (Also, books aren’t as much [...]


Toys that have lasted and new toys that are loved

Among our toys, some get played with for a moment and discarded, some never get a second look, and some are taken out and played with on a daily basis. I thought it would be interesting to compile a list of the toys Drake had when he was Juliet’s age that still interest him (as [...]

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