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School Birthday Party Gifts Made Easy

With over 50 classmates between them both, Charlie and Olive attend a lot of birthday parties. I think birthdays become so special to kids from 3 on, and they love celebrating all their little friends’ birthdays. Sometimes we even have two parties at the same time and have to split up with each kid, although […]


Favorite Gear for Running w/ My Babies

I started running with Little Stroller when he was a couple of months old, and ran with him straight through my pregnancy with Baby Brother Stroller. Now I’m running with Baby Brother too – and sometimes with both boys at once (whew!). I’ve tried out a lot of gear during my three+ years as a […]


24 Stylish Kid Shoe Brands

I buy a lot of the kids’ shoes from Gap, Old Navy, and Zara, and the stylish options for kids’ shoes these days are pretty ridiculous; most of the shoes below actually come in adult sizes! You’ll see some tried and true favorites that we buy year after year in the next size up, as […]


What’s in Our Library Bag: April

Here’s this month’s edition of What’s in Our Library Bag, where I share some of our favorites from recent library visits. Some of the books are newly published ones, others are new to us, and still others are old favorites that we just had to check out again! My Basketball Book, My Football Book: Lately, […]

favorite toddler snacks

Our Favorite Toddler Snacks

When Jackson turned one and we began to shift his eating schedule towards less milk and even more solids, I felt so overwhelmed by all of the options.¬†How often were we supposed to feed him? All of the recommendations said three¬†meals and two snacks a day… what would we feed him for a snack? I […]

catherine rayner

Author Spotlight: Catherine Rayner

By: Mrs. Pen I first discovered Catherine Rayner when I was looking for books on sharing and good behavior when we were having some social issues with Jacobi. He ended up falling in love with the book The Bear Who Shared and we seem to have it on a perpetual loan from the library. Rayner […]


A Book for Every Season

Since Drake is in school right now, he loves coming home to tell me all about the things he has learned. We had such a cold and snowy winter this year, one of the snowiest since Drake’s birth, and he was very keen on the idea that it was winter and that it snows in […]

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