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Upcoming Books

I always loved looking to see what new books were coming by my favorite authors and would keep tabs of author pages’ to anticipate coming down the pipes. Nowadays the only books I read are to my kids, but the pattern hasn’t changed and I wait over their books. These are some titles we are […]


Mrs. High Heels’ Facial Product Obsessions

How many of us know someone who has that glowing, dewy, perfect skin with not a single pore in sight? Yea… well, I didn’t hit the genetic lottery on that one! Thus, I’ve had to call for backup in order to keep my skin in optimal condition while trying to prevent the fine lines and […]


What was in my hospital bag

Oh, hospital bags. They’re one of those things I refused to allow myself to think about until about my 8th month of pregnancy, then I turned into a crazy person researching what in the world I should pack. And, of course, right after coming home with Jackson I promptly forgot about it and haven’t put […]


Gear for Solo Parenting Younger & Older Children

As Mr. H works most Saturdays from spring through fall, I’m home solo with all three kids! To say that I was wildly intimidated by this is an understatement. I mean, I know plenty of other people have heavier loads than an easy going set of infant twins and an upbeat, active toddler. And they’re […]

convertible car seats

Choosing A Convertible Carseat

The last few weeks of gear research in our household has been on convertible car seats. I might be a little bit obsessed at this point – and I find myself slightly overwhelmed with balancing price, my ‘must-have’ list and ‘nice-to-have’ list. There are so many options and something our pediatrician said at Will’s six […]


25 Stylish (and Flattering) Swimsuits for Momma

I don’t know about you, but I was SO ready for winter to be over… it seems like it just ended, but now here we are in May (!!) and just a few short weeks away until pool season official begins! While I (sometimes begrudgingly) sported bikinis pre-kiddo, as a momma, I don’t feel as […]


Our Favorite Lego Duplos

Charlie and OliveĀ are Lego obsessed! Their other toys don’t get nearly as much play now, so we recently sold their play kitchen and all their trains and tracks. Legos are the number 1 toy when kids come over for playdates! We’ve had the basic square/rectangle Legos since Charlie was a baby, but they never got […]

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