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hellobee rain coats

Rainy Day Coats, That Will Keep You Dry And Stylish

It feels a little strange to talk about rainy days this late in the year. I mean for many of us, it’s already snowing or it’s going to start snowing any day now. But snow isn’t the reality of winter for everyone; for many rain (lots and lots of rain) is what mother nature serves […]

Fun Drawing Supplies

Fun Drawing Supplies

Charlie and Olive both love drawing so much, and it can easily keep them occupied for hours. When we let them pick out a toy at the toy store, they will often choose arts and crafts supplies. We’ve experimented with all kinds of mediums from crayons to colored pencils, pastels, markers, pens, pencils, paint, and more. […]


Favorite Fall Finds for Toddler Boys

There are few things on this earth cuter than a little toddler all decked out in their best fall gear. Living in Texas, we don’t get many opportunities for cold-weather clothing, so when the weather is chilly I like to take full advantage! It’s just now getting to the point where we can start breaking out […]


Books for a New Big Brother or Sister

Becoming a new big brother or big sister is hard! Just ask Lil’ CB! Twenty-nine years ago, I became a big sister myself, and though I was only 6 (did you just do the math and figure out my age now? ;)), I still remember that strange mix of feelings that accompanied my new promotion […]

5 baby products i can't live without

5 Baby Products I Can’t Live Without

The tricky thing about buying baby products is that there are 50 million choices for everything.  There’s also something out there for almost every situation and problem that can (or should) help make life with a baby a bit easier. As a new mom (and still after having more kids), it’s easy to spend money […]


100+ Halloween Books for All Ages

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, and of course having kids takes it to the next level because it’s the best holiday of the year after Christmas for them… although some may say that Halloween is even better! Little kids in Halloween costumes are also the cutest thing ever, and you can […]


My Diaper Bag: A Newborn and a Toddler

I love seeing what other people carry in their diaper bags. It’s a little glimpse into how they organize their lives, and lots of times, others have brilliant ideas that I would have never thought of. As mom to two kids (still feels strange to say that!), my diaper bag needs have changed dramatically.Before Baby […]

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