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Winter Gear for Kids

Last winter was a doozy here in New York, and the snowiest I've experienced in the past 11 years here. I somehow managed to survive without snow boots all these years, but now that my kids are older and really into playing in the snow, snow boots are a must this year. I bought mine [...]


Top Ten Gifts for One Year Olds

With Christmas approaching, family members are asking what Little Oats wants. At 14 months old, she doesn't WANT much of anything (other than a metric ton of yogurt raisins), but I pulled together a list of things she might like. And along with that, this list of things that seem to be universally loved by [...]


Baby Registry Re-Do: Layette

Baby clothes is the only item I did not have on my registry list. When we announced that we were expecting, and especially after we announced that we were having a girl, Bubbe Carrot (Yiddish for grandma/my mom) announced that she will keep Baby Carrot dressed from day one and beyond. Baby C is nearly [...]


Registering For Baby #2: What We Have, What We Need, What We've Learned

When it comes to registering for baby number two, there's a lot we can already check off the list. Here's a list of great products we will be reusing (and recommend!) from baby number one, as well as what we'd like to add for baby #2! 1. Boon Naked Collapsable Bathtub : We chose this tub because [...]


13 Toys that Encourage Fine Motor Development

Fine motor skills (or, the skills children develop as they learn to coordinate their hands and fingers with their eyes) are an incredibly important part of child development. Because of this, many children's toys are created with development in mind. Lucky for the kiddos, these toys are also really fun! Here are some of Little [...]


If I Could Register Today, Part One

...well, I suppose, I could register today, but this poor little guy I'm cooking is likely going to inherit all of his big brother's baby gear. But of course, because this pregnancy has me nesting like a mad woman, my late night lack of sleeping abilities leads me to Amazon more often than I'd care [...]


Cheap Baby Gear That Lasts

Although Mr. T is more of a "buy the first thing you see" shopper, I'm the planner and the frugal one in our family. The planning side meant that I was typically the one making baby gear decisions! I thought I'd share our favorite frugal finds that have lasted 3 years (and 2 kids) and [...]

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