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Review: Phil and Ted’s Poppy Highchair

Shortly after A turned six months old I realized that seating him in his floor chair was not gonna cut it for mealtimes for much longer. It was a good chair for when he was learning to sit, and it will probably be a good chair when he’s big enough for a booster and doesn’t […]

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Best Booster Seats for Toddlers

Over the last few weeks, Jackson has become more and more interested in being more like the adults when eating at the table. He wants to eat food in the same form that we have it (for example, taking bites out of a burger instead of us deconstructing it for us), he wants to use […]

Boon Flair High Chair

The boon Flair high chair runs for $229 and has a 4.5/5 star rating, which in my books is a pretty great rating. A lot of the glowing reviews commend the height of the tray – perfect for a baby to self feed from, whereas other high chairs have trays above elbow level apparently. I loved […]

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Chicco vs Phil & Teds: High Chair

When I got pregnant, we were living in a townhouse and the dining room was not only carpeted, but extremely small. I needed a high chair that didn’t take up much space, so I looked into the clip-on styles. I was a nanny for a family that used the Phil and Teds Anywhere Chair for […]


DIY High Chair Pillow

We love our Ikea Antilop Chair, but it does lack the plush padding present on more expensive highchairs. We prefer this because it makes the Antilop ultra-easy to clean. Still, when Scribble first started solids he was not a professional sitter, so we thought a supportive pillow might be a good idea. I happened upon […]

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Best Stylish High Chairs

By the time Charlie started solids, I had discovered the wonderful world of buying and selling used baby items on our local listserv, so I was able to purchase expensive baby items like high chairs at a fraction of the cost.  I first bought a Boon Flair high chair, and it was a great high […]

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