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Run, Baby, Run!

In one of my last posts, I wrote about how I became a runner in 2012. I mentioned about how a big part of it was to get some time to myself, alone. It was a perfect combination; my body was getting stronger, as was my mind. And the benefits of feeding my soul and [...]

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Go, Mama! Go!

This year, I ran my first half marathon. Now, if you know me "in real life," you will know how amazing—and hysterical—that statement is. Let me explain. It all started with this statement on my personal blog. It's from a list of "goals" I set for the new year. (I don't do resolutions, but I [...]


Missing the music

A lot of things go by the wayside during early motherhood: Time for hobbies. Personal grooming. Elaborate home-cooked meals. Even some friendships. But as I emerge from the long tunnel of parenting a baby, some things are swinging back to normal. While I still have to prioritize like never before, I can count on a [...]

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