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10 Ways to Make the Most Out Of Baby's First Christmas

I have to admit for our first Christmas with Jackson this year, I originally put a lot of pressure on myself to make it special. I'm such a huge fan of the Christmas season, and I'm constantly looking for ways to make it more special. But, in all honesty, Christmas loses a lot of the [...]

Holiday Traditions: Oatmeal-Style

When it comes to Christmas, I grew up with a very strict sense of what the holiday meant. Yes, as a Christian, it is a celebration of the birth of Christ, and that was always an important part of what we did. But in my household, while all of that was recognized, Christmas meant something [...]


Christmas Pyjamas for the Family

Christmas jammies are a big deal in the Oatmeal household. Every Christmas Eve, we unwrap a brand new pair of cozy PJs to curl up in and eagerly await Santa. Now that Little Oats is in the picture, I've fallen in love with the idea of family pyjamas; coordinating looks for Mom, Dad, kids and [...]


12 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

My family didn't grow up with many holiday traditions, so I was determined to create my own now that I have my own family.  One simple tradition I've always yearned for was the simple act of stuffing stockings and opening them on Christmas Eve, then saving the big gifts for Christmas Day. I look forward [...]


30 Holiday Potluck Ideas

Every year, a sign-up sheet is passed around our office for our annual holiday potluck. Every year, I'm stumped on what to bring besides the same ol' boring veggie tray or chips and dip, so I've compiled a bunch of holiday potluck recipes that would go well over a large crowd.  I believe the best [...]

DIY Pumpkin Face Paper Garland

Halloween often comes with lots of scary decorations, but with a few simple supplies, you and your kids can craft your own garland full of pumpkin faces. Make them as silly or spooky as you want!


20 Delicious Holiday Treats

Every year as the holidays approach, I can't help but want to start baking (and eating!) delicious treats. They're in stores, on magazine covers, and all over my Pinterest feed. Yet even with access to so many yummy-looking recipes, time and time again I end up baking the same frosted sugar cookies. And don't get [...]

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