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7 Ways to Make a Difference with Your Kids During the Holidays

I’ve been quiet here for the past few weeks as I’ve absorbed what is going on in the world and attempted to integrate what has happened since Election Day with my understanding of the world around me. I don’t assume that every US citizen reading this blog voted the same way I did or that […]

Christmasy  xmas style tree decoration

The Ultimate Holiday Song Playlist

Growing up in an immigrant family, we didn’t really celebrate Christmas but I’ve always loved the holiday season and have completely embraced it since having kids. I want them to have many nostalgic memories of our holidays together, and listening to Christmas music is a must! Since our internet at home is too slow to […]


Gifts for a Budding Artist

GemCakes has recently shown a love for all things artsy and creative. She frequently asks us to bring out the art supply bin so she can play with the crayons, makers and stickers in there. I also bought her some Crayola Twistables  so she could draw in the car when we go for long drives. When […]


5 Things I Want for Baby’s First Christmas

“The days are long, but the year is short.” Have any of you other moms been told this before? I have heard it a bunch since become a parent. It’s often something parents of older children seem to like to tell us. I didn’t quite understand it before Petit Macaron was born, but now I […]


40 Picture Books for the Holidays

I love the Christmas book advent calendar Mrs. Paintbrush blogged about here and plan on doing the same thing with my kids this year, albeit with Kindle books since we don’t have a library or bookstore here. It takes a little bit of the fun out of it not unwrapping a book each night, so I also […]


The Holidays: San Diego Style

San Diego county is huge and encompasses a wide range of towns, cities, and environments. If we go west we’re at the beach, if we go east we’re in the desert or the mountains. If we go north there’s wine and beer country and if we go south, there’s another country! With that in mind, […]

Christmas Post Roundup

We traditionally purchase our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. So to kick off this Black Friday, here is a roundup of some of our posts of Christmas past! (image via Mrs. Chocolate) GIFT IDEAS Stocking Stuffers for Littles by Mrs. Cereal 100 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Little Kids by Mrs. Bee Want, Need, Wear, Read 2015 by […]

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