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My House is a mess!

And I’ve discovered that I love it that way. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE a clean house. In an ideal world we could hire a housekeeper that would keep my house spotless all day. I thrive on organization and order and I love knowing just where everything is.  But, as a working mom of [...]

The view down our driveway

Farm Livin’

Living in a rural area is a little different than living in a city, or in the suburbs. I’ve lived in a wide variety of places in my lifetime. Enough to know the parts of my current life that might seem strange or different to someone who doesn’t live here. Take distance, for example. Where [...]

Househunting: 5 Considerations for Finding the Family Home

With interest rates at an all time low, it’s a house-hunting I go!  And from the real estate reports, it seems I’m in good company.  In many areas, the cost of a mortgage is considerably less than paying rent, even after factoring in home-owner related expenses.  Take the little bungalow I rented in West Asheville.  [...]

Home Sweet … Apartment?

The Yo-Yo family is gearing up for a big move in late spring or early summer. Papa Y wrangled a new professorship in a city a few hours away, and we’re ready to leave our small town and enjoy some of the trappings of civilization again. Alas, moving will mean leaving our cozy house. The [...]

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