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Buy Nothing Project

The Buy Nothing Project. Have you heard of it? It's only a year old and but has quickly become a social movement, with over 25,000 members in over 150 groups, in 6 different countries. If you live in Washington state, you're in luck, because that's where it started and there are many, many neighborhoods that [...]

Project Downsize

Today I saw the sweetest sight I've seen in a long while. No, it wasn't a positive pregnancy test!  It was a 'For Sale' sign in my front yard.  Our house is finally on the market, and we are on the path to downsizing! We entered the housing market during the crash. Because of our [...]

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New Addition, New Home

The month of May (along with the first part of the year) has flown by in the blink of an eye.  In the last two months we put an offer on a home, purchased a home, sold a home, renovated a home, and moved.  We only moved a few miles from our previous home, but [...]

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Dream Neighborhood, Dream Home

We're nowhere near buying and moving into our forever home, but talking about what we'd want in our dream home and dream neighborhood is something Mr. Cowboy and I love to daydream about... I grew up outside of New York City and have always loved the idea of city living. Mr. Cowboy, however, is not [...]

Exterior Porch

Family Friendly Mudroom

Over a year ago, our home addition project began with my wish for a family-friendly mudroom. Our main entrance, which was off of the side of the house, entered into our tiny kitchen and dining room, and I just didn't want shoes and coats in the dining room anymore. Today, while we're struggling to get [...]


My House is a mess!

And I've discovered that I love it that way. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE a clean house. In an ideal world we could hire a housekeeper that would keep my house spotless all day. I thrive on organization and order and I love knowing just where everything is.  But, as a working mom of [...]

The view down our driveway

Farm Livin'

Living in a rural area is a little different than living in a city, or in the suburbs. I've lived in a wide variety of places in my lifetime. Enough to know the parts of my current life that might seem strange or different to someone who doesn't live here. Take distance, for example. Where [...]

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