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Building a Custom House

Well, we are officially moved into our new home, and our final appraisal (and check to our builder) should be going through this week. Now that we have wrapped up building our own home, I thought I would share all about the process we went through. Back in October of last year, Mr. Lion and I […]


Riding Out DIY Renovations While Pregnant

We bought our house when I was about six months pregnant with M. It’s a 1950s-era build, hastily constructed during a military boom in our town, much like most of the other houses on our street. We envisioned moving in, painting a few rooms, and settling in with lots of time to spare before our […]


Our Next Steps: We Miss Our Family

The Dolphin family lives in the DC metro area for a number of reasons, primarily the fact that the job opportunities for two attorneys are much better out here. Prior to having kids, despite all of my complaints about DC, I think we would have happily stayed here without giving it a second thought. Sure, […]

Step 2 to Restoring Peace – Write a Family Mission Statement

I’ve been writing about our family’s 4-step plan to restore peace in our house. Last week I dove into Step 1 of our plan and outlined how we created our budget, and this week I am tackling Step 2: writing our family mission statement. I first read about family mission statements on the Art of Simple […]

Our 4-Step Plan To Restore Peace In Our Home

A few weeks ago our little family had one of those weekends where everything felt chaotic and stressful. Our kids were acting out. Mr. Peas and I were not responding to the chaos in a positive, healthy way. Clutter and toys were everywhere. We desperately wanted to do something fun to celebrate the arrival of […]

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Let’s Move to the Country

Ever since we moved abroad, life has been a grand experiment. I know that we are incredibly privileged to play with life this way. We’ve realized that this is a very unique time in our lives and possibly the hardest all at once. Days are stimulating in ways that they simply aren’t if you’re in […]

here are all the pieces, cut and ready to assemble

DIY Blanket Ladder

Rustic farmhouse decor seems to be all the rage these days, and Chip and Joanna Gaines have become household names. I love the simple and quaint look that “farmhouse” pieces bring to a home, but sometimes that unpolished elegance comes with a hefty price tag! So if you’re looking to add a little farmhouse charm […]

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