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Hospital Bag

I'm entering the home stretch with Chocolate Baby, and one of the things I haven't done yet is pack my hospital bag.  With Drake's birth I went about 6 days early and didn't even finish packing my bag when I checked into the hospital. I had to send Mr. Chocolate home with instructions of how [...]

hospital bag

What I took to the hospital

I remember it so clearly. At around 33 weeks, my doctor joked that I better get started on packing my bags for the hospital. If she knew me really well, she would have known that I had basically started packing my bags the day I found out I was pregnant. The reason: I crave being [...]

Essentials for a Vaginal Delivery

Mrs. High Heels' Hospital Bag

I'm now 37-weeks and full-term!  Although technically I still have 3 weeks left, I feel a sense of urgency now because Toddler Heels was born at the beginning of my 38th week.  Ever since I started maternity leave last week, my self-imposed list of to-do's have been endless - I've been feeling this huge surge [...]


Mrs. Tricycle's Hospital Bag

My hospital bag was bursting at the seams! I don’t think I necessarily packed too much, but I probably could have streamlined things. There were also items I left out that I wished I had packed. Here’s my version of the perfect hospital bag:


in my hospital bag

Since we had several weeks to plan for the birth of our daughter, I had plenty of time to think about what I wanted to pack for the hospital. After I found out I was having a c-section, I added a few more items (and took a few away!) to make sure that I'd be [...]

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What's in our Hospital Bags

With only four weeks left until our due date, I finally got around to packing our hospital bags. Sort of. I have the bags ready, I have lists of what goes in each one, and I have some items in the bags, but so many of the things we'll need are things we currently use, [...]

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Packing Your Hospital Bag

Now that my delivery date is less than 6 weeks away, I need to start thinking about packing my hospital bag.  Because I'll be getting  a c-section, my hospital stay will be longer than the 24-48 hour average stay post vaginal delivery.  My hospital requires you to stay 4 nights post c-section, so I'm definitely [...]

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