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Weaning from the Dockatot

Since the DockATot is still a new product, finding resources on how to wean from one is kind of difficult. I scoured the Internet. It is a beloved baby product of mine, and I will not lie about how many times I filled a shopping cart with the next size up dreading this transition. I […]

Sleep? That's funny! Look who's the smug one now.

Theories behind why my child doesn’t sleep through the night

W was one of those newborns that slept like a dream. I had that baby thing down. I wasn’t sleep deprived! Up once a night? No problem. He went to bed late, but when he was down, he gave us a great stretch. I was functioning in the day like it was no problem. I […]

How Your Sleeping Goals Change

When we hired our sleep coach, we came up with some initial goals with her. Helping/Guiding W go to sleep much like our night routine with minimal effort. We would like a short routine and him going to sleep on his own for naps. Having others be able to put him to sleep easily. Waking 0-1 […]


What I wish I knew about baby sleep before the baby came

One thing I really wish I had read about before the baby was a book on baby sleep. Not that I believe it would have made things any better really, or changed my obsessive Googling habit of “insert age nap schedule,” but maybe just prepared me for the amount of time I would spend thinking […]

Newborn babies love their sleep, just not always at night!

Baby Sleep Progression

With the clocks changed this past weekend and having lost that precious hour of sleep, I’ve been reminded once again of how important sleep is to me. The girls are now 10 months and 9 months old, and we are lucky that they are currently snoozing 12 hours through the night with no wake-ups. Once […]


Stop Trying to Figure Your Baby Out

As someone that has always struggled with both patience and a lack of control, trying to conceive, pregnancy and parenting have been very interesting learning opportunities for me. After W was born, my patience was certainly tested on many fronts. Waiting to heal, waiting for breastfeeding to get easier, waiting to know him better, waiting for […]

One of the only times she was content in the mini crib. c/o Morgan Kerman Photography

Little P’s Sleep Evolution: The First Year

Like a lot of new parents I worried about how I would adjust to sleep deprivation. I love to sleep. In an ideal world I would sleep 10 hours a night. I read a lot of blog and board posts about sleep before Little P was born. Of course each baby is different and sleep […]

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