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Introducing Mrs. Pickle!

Hello! I’m so thrilled to be joining the blogging team on Hellobee. You might remember me as the former hostess, Leialou, or from a series of guest posts I wrote last fall about embryo adoption. I’m pleased to say that after an almost 4 year battle with infertility, Mr. P and I are expecting our […]

Tales from the Peanut Gallery

As I was looking through my blog for infertility-related posts to share, I came across this post from just after a church women’s retreat weekend I took when I was in my 20th month of TTC.  .  .  .  .  . There is a group of women that believe a woman’s sole purpose in life […]

Faith Through Infertility

I don’t post much about my faith. And yet, it permeates everything I do and every moment of my life. When we first decided to start trying to expand our family, we prayed for God’s hand in timing. He had brought us through every other major event in our lives; why would having a baby […]

The Different Ways You Can Adopt Embryos

After deciding we wanted to adopt embryos, we considered three different paths to adoption. Private Embryo Donation The first way you can adopt embryos is to locate a couple and reach an agreement with them to adopt their embryos. It can be someone you already know who has extra embryos and wants to give them […]

Why We Chose Embryo Adoption – Part 2

Back at square one, we had to decide what step we wanted to take next. We figured we had five options to choose from, but we wanted to speak to our RE before making our final decision. Here is what we were considering: 1. IUI with donor sperm – This option would have been the least […]

robertsonian translocation

Why We Chose Embryo Adoption – Part 1

I naively assumed that since my husband and I were both young and healthy, we would get pregnant quickly. In 2011, after we celebrated our first wedding anniversary, we decided we were ready to start trying. Several months after we had “pulled the goalie”, we had not had any luck. I picked up a copy […]

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…And It All Comes Flooding Back

Back when we were in the thick of our infertility and even after we started our adoption process, the question I dreaded most was, “When are you having kids?” It was like a stab in the heart. Every. Time. I know the question is well-meaning and innocent on the part of the asker, but when […]

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