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pregnancy after infertility

My nuchal translucency scan was yesterday. Before we started the ultrasound, the sonographer asked me a series of questions. Is this your name and birth date? Yes. Do you smoke? No. Do you drink? No. Is this your first pregnancy?  No. What number pregnancy is this for you?  … Five.  How many live births have you had?  … One.  Were the [...]


Sensitivity & Compassion for the Infertile

Two weeks ago my younger sister had a baby! A 6 lb 7oz ball of pure sweetness and cuteness. I got to meet her this week and it was such a gift to meet my new niece! Loving on my sweet niece! As someone who has been unable to get pregnant for three years, you [...]

A Holiday with an Empty Crib And A Heart Full Of Hope

I know this might seem like an odd title for someone with four kids but, as some of you may know, my journey to becoming a mother was not exactly easy.  While I was struggling with infertility, I often wrote down some of my thoughts.  It felt like it was one of the only ways [...]


Mama’s First Christmas

Christmas has been hard for me since we first started trying for a baby. I always wanted to be one of those couples who could announce to our families that we were having a baby at Christmas. It was hard to go through each holiday season and not have a child to buy for, or [...]

Baby Sea Otter Ultrasound

Hi World!

Hi everyone! I’m Mrs. Sea Otter, and I’m so excited to be a part of Hellobee and share my gestational surrogacy journey with everyone. We’ll be 12 weeks tomorrow and still haven’t told many people, but I’m hoping to make a more official announcement on here once we’re public about the pregnancy. In the meantime, [...]

Ballet as Therapy

When stress or tragedy occurs, I feel like we all need something therapeutic to help soothe our souls and calm our minds. In my case, the most stressful and difficult life struggle so fas has been dealing with infertility. During this time we shared our trials with our pastor, saw a counselor, confided with friends [...]

See? He's amazing! Full of personality. :)

Our (Current) Journey of TTC

I previously wrote about our first journey of TTC. Although we never conceived, we do have a son through the gift of adoption and he’s amazing! He’s amazing! Full of personality. :) He’s actually so amazing that we started to think about how to build our family again pretty soon after we brought him home. [...]

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