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Nursery #22: My Funny Valentine

My little Aurora is almost three months already. Can you believe it? Devon and I are having a hard time believing how fast it’s going. She smiles and giggles, and has little conversations with us (granted, it’s all in baby coos). She’s already got her own personality, and it’s so fun to watch it develop [...]


Baby Jump Rope’s Nursery Inspiration

When it comes to our daughter’s nursery, neither my husband or I are big on character themes, and we wanted a room that will grow with our child. It’s pretty inevitable that in a few years, she will want that princess bedding anyway (what little girl doesn’t like Cinderella?!). So we’ve chosen a muted color [...]


Nursery #21: Big Top Baby (Boy)

As promised, here is the boy’s version of the Big Top nursery! I love this blue and orange version – it has a slightly different personality than the girl’s version, but is still just as charming, don’t you think?   A: Martha Stewart Living Paint in Aegean Blue; B: Small Lacquered Tray in Orange from [...]


Nursery #20: Big Top Baby (Girl)

I’ve been meaning to do a circus-themed nursery since the day I started designing inspiration boards for Hellobee, so today I get to tick that off my list! The following board is the girl’s version, and the next post will be a reworked version for boys! Each uses the same base items, but are outfitted [...]


Nursery #19: Modern Marie

I’ve always loved that Sofia Coppola looked at Marie Antoinette through a modern lens when she was making her eye candy filled film in 2006. For a while I’ve been thinking it would be fun to do a nursery inspired by the infamous queen with the same approach. The result? A feminine room with ornate [...]


Nursery #18: Mama’s Little Man

Hello, everyone! Sorry it’s been a while – it’s taken me two weeks longer to be “hands free” than I imagined. Our little lady is quite a snuggler, and only likes to sleep being held, meaning limited blogging time for Momma. We’ve finally been able to make the Baby Bjorn work for her and it’s [...]


Nursery #17: Geometric & Graphic

by Maddy of Somewhere Splendid Today’s board is going sophisticated! I love graphic, geometric shapes, and this modern nursery is chock full of great silhouettes and patterns. Pairing poppy aquas and greens against silver (hello, metallic paint!) and rich charcoals (time for a great chalkboard paint accent wall!), this room is an amazing feast for [...]

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