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Journals for my kids

I started journaling for my kids when I was pregnant with Scallop. At 18 weeks pregnant, I wrote my first letter to our baby, still not knowing if it was a boy or girl (we didn’t find out the sex until his birth). I wrote about the fact that we had recently been to a […]


12 Journals for Moms

I love to journal. I’ve been doing it in some form or another for pretty much my entire life, and when I fall out of the habit I always desperately miss it and end up going right back to journaling. Lately, I’ve really been wanting a more guided journal to keep track of all of […]


DIY Kids’ Travel Journal

I came across this art journal years ago on Alphamom, and filed the idea away in the back of my mind. A mom of 5-year-old twins spent a couple minutes every night drawing what their family did that day. The journal was meant for her kids to preserve and talk about memories together, and even read as […]

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Memory Keeping

Even when it was just Drake, I had a very had time keeping up with logging down milestones and updating his baby book with stats and pictures. Now that I have two, it’s even less likely to happen I realize. A lot of times Mr Chocolate will note that Juliet is doing something and ask […]

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