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Link Roundup: December 12, 2018

We’ve had guests nonstop from November 1st until just today, so it’s been insanely busy around these parts! And then three days ago I woke up with really painful and swollen ankles, knees, wrists, and fingers. At first I thought I just slept wrong, but it still hasn’t gone away so now I’m looking for […]


Link Roundup – November 26, 2018

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s officially time to start planning for Christmas! Here are some parenting links from around the web this week! E D U C A T I O N The Fleeting Magic of Scholastic Book Fairs via The Atlantic Jeff Kinney: ‘Let children read anything; I’ll never say no to a […]


Link Roundup – February 16, 2017

Working on a resort, I’ve met people from dozens of countries around the world. People who have never been to America imagine everyone there owns many guns; some have even told me they’re too scared to visit America because of all the guns and their fear of being shot. I cannot fathom how school shootings […]

Link Roundup – February 7, 2018

We apologize for the downtime on Hellobee the past couple of days! The internet was down on our island for the past week, and then Hellobee went down Monday as well. All should be back to normal now! H E A L T H 10 mistakes parents make with newborns — and how to avoid […]


Link Roundup – January 23, 2018

There is a super blue blood moon on January 31st with a total lunar eclipse! The last time all three things happened at the same time was 152 years ago. Check out what times you can see it in your neck of the woods here! I missed the Link Roundup last week, so I have […]


Link Roundup – January 11, 2018

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? I always think about getting in shape, but in reality I haven’t exercised regularly since I was pregnant with my son over 8 years ago! What makes this year different is that I’m turning 40 years old. That and I live on a tropical island where we wear swimming […]

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Link Roundup December 28, 2017

Only 3 more days left in the year. It’s been a year filled with many ups and downs, and 2017 was one of the hardest years of our lives. I’m glad to be saying goodbye to it. I love the start of each new year. Even though it’s just another day, it always feels like […]

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