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Portobello Pitas

Mr. Chocolate and I are big mushroom fans. We actually bonded in college because whenever we would go to the student center for dinner with our friends, we both would always order mushroom pizza slices when everyone went elsewhere. I knew we would be great friends the time he let me have the last slice [...]


Homemade Chicken Nuggets Recipe

A little while back Mr. H picked up some ground chicken from our neighborhood butcher and was trying to figure out what he could make with it - something that would be fairly simple to put together while also being approachable and easily enjoyed by Miss H. He came across a recipe for homemade chicken [...]


Cauliflower Macaroni & Cheese

We are always looking for new recipes that are easy to throw together while also integrating some vegetables wherever possible. And if the recipe just happens to be a delicious, childhood comfort food, then that's a huge added bonus! I didn't start liking cauliflower until I was an adult, but once I fell in love [...]

super easy pasta and veggies

Quick and Easy Pasta and Veggies

This yummy meal has been a staple for me since college. It has evolved over the years, but is super quick and is made up of ingredients I almost always have on hand. It makes a great quick lunch on days that we don't have leftovers. I love that it is easy to make just [...]


Sweet Potato Turkey Chili

I pretty much live on warm, soupy, hearty foods during the winter.  When I came across this recipe on SkinnyTaste, I knew I had to try it.  The idea of sweet potatoes in chili intrigued me.  I also love that it contains all my criteria for an ideal recipe - 1) Quick and Easy 2) [...]


Packing Lunch for Public School

Now that Charlie attends pre-k at a public school, I have to put more thought into how I pack his lunch. When he was in daycare, I didn't have to worry about reheating food, keeping food cold, or even sending a sippy cup or utensils because they took care of all that. But now I [...]


Homemade Almond Butter

We held off on giving Miss H peanut butter until she was well past her first birthday. While we had no reason to believe she would have a peanut allergy, I still wanted to be cautious. After we gave it to her, all was fine...until she got a nasty diaper rash the next day! A [...]

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