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Weekday Dinner: Sweet Potato Skins

This is a simple weeknight meal that serves as a great way to stretch your veggie supply! Who doesn’t fondly recall the potato skin craze of yesteryear? Fortunately for us they are enjoying a renaissance!

Breaking Out of the Lunch Rut, Part Two

I’m back with some new lunch posts! I am happy to report that we have dramatically changed our lunch habits. We’re eating greens at nearly every lunch, and we’ve cut out processed snacks like chips and cookies (on the other hand, we’re still plowing through the Easter candy at an alarming rate.  But chocolate is [...]


Packing Lunches for Two Kids

Olive has been in daycare since February 1st, so I’ve been packing lunches for two kids for a month now. Because they have different preferences, their lunches are never exactly the same. Charlie usually eats most — if not all — of his lunch, while Olive usually leaves most of her lunch… womp womp. Charlie [...]

Breaking Out of the Lunch Rut, Part One

I love being a Hellobee blogger is because it helps get me motivated to kick bad habits. I get so much from this community!  Plus I’m always looking for new blog fodder, so I can usually justify the extra effort necessary to tackle a project if I also blog about it too! Recently I’ve been [...]


Toddler Paleo Lunches

This is a guest post from Kristin of Paleo Plus One! ~~~ Now that I’ve explained why my child and I are on a the paleo diet, I thought you might want to see some of my 22 month old’s typical lunches. Admittedly, they would not win a beauty pageant against Bee’s beautiful bento lunches, [...]

Stars and stripes bento box

Stars and Stripes Bento Box for the 4th of July

You’re never too young to celebrate the 4th of July! Pack this perfect-for-a-picnic stars and stripes bento box for your little one.


Packing Lunches with Minimal Cooking and an Empty Fridge

I’ve received several comments that bentos seem too time-consuming to make, but I only spend about 15-20 minutes on Charlie’s breakfast and lunch every day. Most of the time I don’t do anything special other than use colorful silicon baking cups. If I do something special, it’s usually cutting food into shapes like stars or [...]

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