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5 Ways We’re Teaching Manners & Communication

As Jack has gotten older, Mr. Garland and I have begun to focus more and more on being intentional about teaching him certain things. Sometimes I find that it’s easy for us to forget about explicitly teaching some of these skills to him and I end up assuming that he’ll just pick it up eventually. […]

Grace and Courtest Table Manners for Children at How we Motnessori

Table Manners for Children

Table manners are very important in our home. They are important at school too. Grace and courtesy are a big part of the Montessori curriculum; it is one of many areas that make Montessori classrooms special. Often in Montessori classrooms, children from toddlerhood will sit at a table to eat (not in the playground as […]

"Ready to use my polite words at breakfast!"

Teaching a Toddler Manners

As Little Piñata grows and learns more and more words, we really want to train him to be a kind and polite child. As a teacher who has taught in all levels (PreK-High School) I have worked with a lot of children who consistently whine to get what they want and/or do not speak respectfully, […]


Little Miss Manners

I blogged awhile back about our usage of baby sign language, and one of the things that I loved at the time was how Miss H was starting to learn manners with basics like “please” and “thank you.” Now that her words are expanding day by day, Miss H does not sign as much as she […]

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Stock Phrases

Lil’ CB is quite the talker. Seriously, he wakes up talking, talks allllllll day long, and falls asleep talking to himself. He’ll talk about anything and everything and will talk to anyone who’ll listen. Actually, he’ll talk to anyone, regardless if they’re listening. Actually, he’ll talk to anyone or anything. You get the picture. When […]

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