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Third Trimester to Postpartum wardrobe

Now that I’m in my 3rd trimester, I can no longer get away with wearing anything but maternity clothes. Even with my maternity tanks, my tummy is poking out on the bottom! Here’s what I plan on wearing over the next couple months. 1.) Maxi Dresses: I love maxi dresses because they hide the most swollen parts […]


Casual Pregnancy Capsule Wardrobe

I just started needing maternity clothing when I hit 17 weeks along. I grabbed my box of clothes from the last pregnancy, and I was disappointed to find that almost nothing fit me this time around, or it was for the wrong season. So I donated what didn’t work for me now (the jeans and […]

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Maternity Clothes Shopping

Finding good maternity clothes is a daunting and sometimes frustrating process. In my area, we don’t even have maternity stores — even our Old Navy stopped carrying their maternity section. This proved to be very difficult when I got to the point of actually needing maternity clothing. I was lucky the first time around because […]


The M Coat

Last year, right around this time, I was trying to make a decision. It was just starting to get chilly and I was growing out of everything non maternity in a hurry. The last time that I was this pregnant, it was the middle of summer and while I relished the fact that I was […]

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21 Great Fall and Winter Maternity Items To Add To Your Wardrobe

Dressing the bump, is a little bit easier in the summer months. Pop on a stretchy dress and some comfy sandals and be done with it. Fall and winter take a bit more effort, since you need to take into account the fact that it’s colder and a simple dress just doesn’t cut it anymore. […]

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14 Functional and Stylish Fall and Winter Maternity Coats

Ah! Winter talk! Run and hide, RUN AND HIDE! It was hard for me to type the word, probably as hard as it was for you to read it. But it’s going to come eventually and it’s always less painful if you are fully prepared. I gathered up the best fall and a few winter […]


Summertime Maternity Capsule Collection

Are you pregnant right now? And going to be pregnant over the summer? I’m sending you cool breezy vibes if you are! Being pregnant in the summer is great because dressing is really easy and pretty inexpensive, but then there is the heat — oh the heat! When it comes to dressing the bump for […]

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