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Transitioning Back to Work: Essentials

So you’re going back to work after maternity leave – cool beans! It kinda sucks, right? On some level – emotionally, logistically, physically – something (or everything) about transitioning from Mama to Employee is new and different and, more than likely, challenging. A coworker of mine recently returned to work after a ten week leave, […]


My Pregnancy: Starting a New Job at Six Weeks Pregnant

Spreading the news that you’re expecting a little one is usually pretty exciting – figuring out who to tell first (the cashier at the grocery store because she won’t tell anyone you know and you’re just BURSTING!), and then announcing it to the world through social media or with the clear appearance of a growing belly […]

Going Back to Work

Dear Baby Checkers, It’s been real. We’ve spent about the last year together, you and me. Albeit, most of that time was in utero, and I feel like I am just starting to know you. In two weeks you will be four months old and I will be returning to work. To be honest, I’m […]


On Returning to Work – An Update

Is it getting any easier? I get this question a lot. Like every day a lot. How do I answer? Some days, I have a cheery response about how Lil’ Tea Cup is having a great time at her grandparents, which is the truth. Some days, I can’t muster the big fake smile and just […]

The Difficulties of Pumping at Work

A major misgiving I’ve had post-partum was that in Canada where I grew up, I would have had a whole year of maternity leave — a luxury I do not have in the US. I originally requested for the maximum amount of leave – 18 weeks: 6 weeks paid federally through FLA, and 12 weeks […]

A Day in the Life: Mom On Maternity Leave

Before I got pregnant, for some crazy reason, I thought that maternity leave would be like summer vacation. Boy was I wrong. Maternity leave, in reality, is hard work –  probably more difficult than my actual job. A seven-week-old baby is infinitely more demanding than a hormonal teenager. Here’s a look at a typical day […]

Maternity Leave in France

This is a guest post by Hellobee community member chastenet. Originally from Wisconsin, I came to France as a Rotary exchange student at the tender age of 16 and was hooked! I returned to the US to complete high school and then promptly came back to Paris for college. I met my French husband in […]

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