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Fruit and Veggie Maternity Printables

Fruit and Veggie Baby Size Printables

Are you expecting a new little one? Or are you expecting to be expecting soon? These printables are here to help you document the time and get a visual for how your baby is growing… by looking at fruits and veggies! This is probably an idea you’ve seen before, as it shows up on a […]


Capturing this Moment: Maternity Shots, for Better or Worse

I never wanted to have a maternity photo session that involved any nudity, draping cloth, or anything that would land me on one of Pregnant Chicken’s Awkward Pregnancy  Photos posts, but I did really want to take some professional photos at some point during my pregnancy.  More than having tons of photos starring my belly, […]


Non-Maternity Maternity Photos

Throughout pregnancy, I was never officially sold on the idea of maternity photos. I love to see other women embracing their growing shapes by capturing this special time, but I’m typically not as comfortable in front of the camera as I am behind it. But I was faced with a small dilemma… every year I […]


Maternity Shoot

When I was pregnant with Mavrick, I didn’t opt to take any maternity shots. I considered it, but when it was time to actually go for it, I started having stretch marks on my bump so belly shots were out of the question. One thing lead to another and it just didn’t happen. Then I […]


Maternity Pictures with Jen Huang

Jen had her work cut out for her.  Within an hour, she photographed Olive’s nursery, a maternity session with me, and a family session with Mr. Bee and Charlie. I hate posing for pictures but I force myself to do it once a year, otherwise I’d have no pictures of me with Charlie since I’m […]

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