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family maternity photos

I don’t know how to put into words how much these photos mean to me.  I wanted to contact our photographer, Leeann, last summer; we wanted another child, and I really wanted photos of the three of us before we became a family of four, but it was a difficult summer for us. We had […]


Non-Maternity Maternity Photos

Throughout pregnancy, I was never officially sold on the idea of maternity photos. I love to see other women embracing their growing shapes by capturing this special time, but I’m typically not as comfortable in front of the camera as I am behind it. But I was faced with a small dilemma… every year I […]

Maternity Style

This is a guest post by professional photographer Laura Novak, who I first met in the wedding world.  She owns two award-winning family photography studios outside of Philadelphia called Little Nest Portraits and is currently expecting her first child, a son, on November 17th. ~~~ Everyday I see beaming moms-to-be and newborns. Photographing these glowing, […]


Maternity Shoot

When I was pregnant with Mavrick, I didn’t opt to take any maternity shots. I considered it, but when it was time to actually go for it, I started having stretch marks on my bump so belly shots were out of the question. One thing lead to another and it just didn’t happen. Then I […]

37-Week Maternity Photo Shoot

Awhile back, I shared our 25-week maternity photo shoot. We had so much fun doing that session, but we knew we also wanted to do one at our home so that we could include our dog Charlie (and show off a bigger baby bump!). So right when I was 37 weeks pregnant – just a […]


25-Week Maternity Photo Shoot

Mr. H and I had not had professional pictures taken of us since our wedding 2 1/2 years ago. For some people, this wouldn’t be a long stretch of time, but photography is a huge aspect of our lives. Mr. H is a photographer and so many of our friends are photographers. Access to great […]

Maternity Pictures with Punam Bean

I took maternity pictures with Punam Bean when I was almost 9 months pregnant with Charlie.  Even though I felt huge and I don’t like posing for pictures, I’m so glad that I have these images to remember that period in my life forever.  Perhaps it was the purported pregnancy glow, but I think it […]

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