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slim sweatpants

Slim Sweatpants

While I love fashion, I’m also a big fan of comfort. So, when the two come together, it’s like a match made in my style heaven! (See exhibit A and B) For those that are like me, you’re in luck! And for those that won’t leave the house in sweatpants, look away. Because this season, [...]


What to Buy at Old Navy Right Now

I usually buy a lot of the kids’ clothes from Old Navy because they have a big selection of affordable clothes and basics they usually bring back year after year. Often people will be surprised when I tell them that something the kids wear is from Old Navy…. they’ve really stepped it up in the [...]

diy feeding tube backpack

Easy DIY Feeding Tube Backpack

As I’ve mentioned at great length, D is reliant on a feeding tube. He uses it mostly overnight, but he has a few hours during the day where he needs to be hooked up. That means he’s attached to a bag full of formula/liquid and a small pump, either in a bag or on an [...]


What to Buy at Gap for Boys Right Now

It’s true that there are many more clothing options for girls, but that doesn’t mean our little boys can’t be stylish! Charlie is turning 5 soon and he’s at the age where he fits into the largest size in the toddler section, and the smallest size in the boys’ section. Because he’s a small kid, [...]


The Perfect Little Winter Coat To Keep Them Warm

As much as I’m sure everyone (except those that live wonderfully warm climates) want to admit it, winter is coming. And thinking back on last year’s winter, it has me totally frightened for what may be coming. I love a good stylish coat, but something that is also functional. When it comes to winter coats, [...]


What to Buy at Gap for Toddler Girls Right Now

Olive outgrew most of her clothes from last year, so I recently updated her wardrobe with some fall and winter pieces. Charlie can usually get at least 2 years’ worth of wear out of his clothes… sometimes even 3 with pants (the benefits of being small), so he didn’t need much this year. I have [...]


Party Attire for Him

I think girls have the upper hand when it comes to dressing for a party. Pretty dress? And done. Boys don’t have it rough, but it does take a little more than just the point of a finger in the direction of something cute. Also, it totally depends on the type of party. So in [...]

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