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12 Stores for Kids' Pajamas

If you're still looking for last minute cyber Monday deals, I've been updating my post on independent store sales throughout the entire day! .  .  .  .  . Mrs. Blue wrote a roundup of her favorite pajamas for kids and Mrs. Oatmeal rounded up her favorite matching pajamas for the whole family. We've been buying [...]


Baby Girl Winter Bootie Roundup

With our baby girl born in the cold winter months, I've been going a tad crazy searching adorable winter gear for her first few months. It really doesn't get much cuter than baby booties, so I thought I'd share some of my favorites for the little lady pre-walkers this winter! 1. PediPed Rosa Original 2. Stride [...]

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Kate Spade and Jack Spade for Gap

Kate Spade and Jack Spade have teamed up for a limited edition collection with the Gap that launched today. The signature bright, fun colors that epitomize Kate Spade make this collection perfect for the holidays! I saw it in person last night, and it's gorgeous -- many pieces are already sold out on-line (especially the [...]


10 graphic tees and more from Uniqlo

UNIQLO is my go-to place in Hong Kong to buy fun $10 graphic tees for adults, and I would call it something to the effect of a Japanese Gap, but with rights to Disney, Peanuts, and many artists - from Andy Warhol, to Keith Haring, to Michel Basquiat and more. Their children's section always has [...]

slim sweatpants

Slim Sweatpants

While I love fashion, I'm also a big fan of comfort. So, when the two come together, it's like a match made in my style heaven! (See exhibit A and B) For those that are like me, you're in luck! And for those that won't leave the house in sweatpants, look away. Because this season, [...]


What to Buy at Old Navy Right Now

I usually buy a lot of the kids' clothes from Old Navy because they have a big selection of affordable clothes and basics they usually bring back year after year. Often people will be surprised when I tell them that something the kids wear is from Old Navy.... they've really stepped it up in the [...]

diy feeding tube backpack

Easy DIY Feeding Tube Backpack

As I've mentioned at great length, D is reliant on a feeding tube. He uses it mostly overnight, but he has a few hours during the day where he needs to be hooked up. That means he's attached to a bag full of formula/liquid and a small pump, either in a bag or on an [...]

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