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safe sunsreens

The Cutest Swim Suits and The Best Sunscreens

I was putting together a post about the cutest swimsuits for little ones filled with swim suits that cover from the sun without sacrificing on the cute, when I came across a summer ’16 article on sunscreen. It listed all the best/safest sunscreens* and a list of the worst. Since I have owned a few sunscreens […]


Fiona’s Style

Let’s face it — kids’ clothing is adorable. With summer coming, I am so excited to see all the cute summer styles I have bought these last few months. I went a bit overboard this year with Fiona’s closet since it might be the last time I get to shop for a baby. I am […]


The Cutest Swim Suits for Boys

Virginia has been hot lately so the temptation to start shopping for swim wear has skyrocketed. Anyone who has walked through a baby section knows there is no shortage of adorable baby girl suits. While the options for boys is better than it used to be (or so I’m told!), it can sometimes be a […]

12rain coats

Adorable Rainboots and Raincoats For All Those April and May Showers!

It’s always better to be at least a little prepared for spring and summer rain than not at all (trust). Sure April is coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean the rain showers are, though it does mean a lot of that rain gear will be gone soon. Rain coats and rain boots are a […]

organic kids clothing

Organic Children’s Clothes That Are Made For Everyday Wear

When shopping for my kids’ clothes I have a mission to save money, while still keeping the function and sense of style high. As my kids got older, I realized that less really is more. If I bought quality items, they lasted longer and in turn I didn’t have to buy as much/often. I began shopping […]

cute easter duds

36 Adorable, Sweet and Dapper Little Easter Outfits

Holidays are for candy, family, tradition and of course a little bit about dressing up. Personally a really comfy pair of pants is what holiday dreams are made of, but there always comes a time in the day where everyone needs to freshen up and look presentable. Both my kids really love to get dressed […]


Navigating the Big Boy Clothing Section

Sometime late last spring into summer, Lil’ CB finally and completely outgrew anything from the toddler section. I knew it was coming and had been dabbling in purchasing a few items here and there from the big boy section for months prior, but it was definitely a little bittersweet to say goodbye to the toddler […]

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