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Upcoming sale at Gap and Old Navy

There are a handful of clothing stores that I often buy from for the girls. I recently received a postcard for upcoming sales of 50% off for card members of Gap and Old Navy, which are two stores I gravitate toward for the girls. The sale for card members runs from November 16-19 for Old […]

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Being a Shoe Gal for a Little Boy

Besides my love of hair and makeup, one of the girliest things about myself is that I love shoes, and my love for them has now moved over to choosing shoes for Baby Pencil. He has so many pairs of shoes waiting for him!  It’s pretty hard to dress up a little boy because so […]


Babies and Kids’ Clothing Brands: Cost, Cut, and Style

I’ve mentioned before that I’m frugal. I shop clearance sales like a sport and often buy my kiddos’ clothes at the resale shop, especially baby and toddler clothes. I’ve developed an eye for the different fit and style of the brands we buy. Here’s my quick list of affordable brands and how they hold up. Carters […]


Favorite Etsy Clothing, Decor, and Newborn Photo Props

Etsy has some of the cutest and most unique items. I have purchased many gift and home decor items off Etsy, from wooden signs to coasters to passport holders to ornaments. Here’s my roundup of some of my favorite Etsy finds for babies. Baby Giraffe hat: I love newborn photos even though we didn’t really […]


Best of the Best – Little Boys Clothes

Like most moms, I really enjoy dressing my kids. They are so many cute options these days, yes even for boys! 3+ years into being a mom, I have, however, become pickier about what I buy for my little boys. Here is a short list of what I look for in little boys clothes: Easy […]


Fall Wardrobe for Little Girls and Little Boys

I love the fall so much. I love the crispness and the days getting shorter. But my absolute favorite part of the fall is the clothing options, especially for the littles! I try to buy LeLe’s clothes for the upcoming season about two months before the season actually starts so I can budget for them. […]


Right on Target: Big(ger) Boys

Hi hi! Sorry it took me so long to get to this follow up post from my Target for little girl’s one! The good news is, I can now highlight some awesomely awesome fall/back-to-school clothes that have just hit the store. Plus, if your state is like mine and has a tax-free weekend coming up, […]

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