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The Tutu Stage

Have a little girl? I can’t guarantee it, because I’m sure not all little girls in the world will find their cute selves in this stage, but for the most part The Tutu Stage, is real and alive. There seems to be many stages that most kiddos pass through as they grow — the pink, [...]


Graphic Tees for Babies

As much as I love preppy little outfits and sweet little dresses, lately I’ve had no restraint when it comes to graphic tees for Baby Markers. Since it’s still a bit chilly, I put a long-sleeved onesie on her underneath or maybe a sweater over the tee so she stays warm.  When spring finally hits, [...]


Wear It: Now and Later

The holidays are over and suddenly all the stores are fill up with spring attire. I know for many who live in those dreamy places where Winter is pretty warm and dazzling, the hints of Spring in the shops is probably pretty welcome. But for many of us, we are still plagued with a couple [...]



You might be saying to yourself that it’s a little late to be chatting about holiday attire – but I promise it’s not. Though you might have already made the visit to Santa, we still have Christmas Eve, Day and New Year’s, and these are all great days to snazzy up the attire a little. [...]


Fair Isle Family

With the first snowfall yesterday (that admittedly felt a bit too soon) we were propelled into winter full speed ahead. The holidays are quickly approaching and all of a sudden I’m drawn to the comfiest, coziest knits – in fair isle of course. for mom: sweater / scarf  –   for dad: sweater / hat [...]


Dressing a Cloth Diapered Boy

So far I am loving cloth diapers, but one thing that has presented a challenge for us is the way they fit with some of Little Lion’s outfits. When we are at home, we let him play in just his onesie or t-shirt and diaper, so that he can feel the floor on his knees and has [...]


Fall Coats for Toddler Boys

As a Midwestern girl, I am so thrilled to say that we have officially entered autumn.  Yes, that really happened on September 23, but now the weather reflects the date.  Of course, since we were having some oddly warm weeks, I put the cool weather out of my mind, so when I stepped outside over [...]

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