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18 Favorite Toddler Shoe Shops

Favorite Toddler Shoe Shops

No matter if your little ones feet grow really fast or at a snail’s pace, there is always a rush (or maybe a scramble) to find your little shoes. For us, it is usually a weather-related shoe rush; we’re currently trying to get spring and summer shoes ready. My favorite way to shop is online […]


Favorite Toddler Girl Clothing Shops

My favorite places to shop for toddler girls is pretty similar to toddler boys, but the reasons are sometimes different. One shop that makes great tops for boys maybe doesn’t make the cutest tops for girls. It’s how it goes. Also there is no saying you can’t shop in either section for either gender; I […]

favorite toddler boy clothing shops

Favorite Toddler Boy Clothing Shops

There are so many kids’ clothing shops out there, so many that’s it’s actually hard to keep track of them all. Usually if you are like me, you stick to your favorites and call it a day. Why make life more complicated, right? I have been asked a few times about my favorite places to […]



I must confess — I cut my kids’ hair. And I do it almost every time it’s needed. Sometimes it turns out pretty good. Other times? Well those times, I tell them to wear a hat till it’s grown out. I have to say I’ve gotten pretty good over the years, but that’s also because […]

kids winter style_girl4

Stylish Warm Winter Wears For Little Ones

It’s mid January and I’m sure by now we are all a little tired of winter. I know I am, but usually there is still at least 1.5 – 2 months of winter left. Hopefully, the usual isn’t what happens this year, but it’s better to be mentally prepared. Or at least, it feels better […]

valentines day outfits for little girls

Valentine’s Day Outfits for Kids

Valentine’s Day is a month away, and though I was never into the holiday too much, every holiday becomes so much bigger when you have kids. Once your kids are in school, they come home with stacks of valentines from classmates! I’m going to dress Charlie and Olive up in Valentine’s colors, so I’ve rounded up […]

kid toddler christmas pajamas

12 Stores for Kids’ Pajamas

If you’re still looking for last minute cyber Monday deals, I’ve been updating my post on independent store sales throughout the entire day! .  .  .  .  . Mrs. Blue wrote a roundup of her favorite pajamas for kids and Mrs. Oatmeal rounded up her favorite matching pajamas for the whole family. We’ve been buying […]

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