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Adorable Playsuits to Keep Play Comfy

My daughter has a thing for dresses lately, as in she wants to wear them every single day. I mostly just go with it and ask her to wear a pair of shorts as well, since sitting like a lady is just not a possibility for a four year old. The easiest and most negotiable [...]


Way Too Cute Sunglasses for Tots

It’s a good thing that sun protection comes so darn cute. Between the hats and the sunglasses (little hats coming soon), it’s adorable and safe cuteness overload. Now the only thing someone needs to invent is how to get kids to a) stop losing them and b) wear them alll the time. So far the [...]



When you’re little and active, sneakers as everyday shoes are either a great idea or a necessity. Don’t get me wrong – I love cute other types of shoes, but on days when I know it’s going to be a lot of walking, playing or a full day of school – sneakers are a must. [...]


SWIM TWINS: matching with mom and dad

I know it’s only a matter of time before my kids start to hate it. And I’m also sure that’ll be around the time we would look like a gang of nerds all dressed alike, so it’ll probably be good timing. But I not so secretly love matching with my kiddos; usually it’s by accident, [...]


What You Should Be Buying at Old Navy, right now.

Because what’s better than hearing about a sale? Hearing about a sale and seeing a quick run down of the best items in that sale, right? At the very least it’s fun to see. Old Navy is having a sale (they pretty much always do), and while I was scoping it out I thought why [...]

animal tees

Animal Tees

Animals are a big thing in our home. I am a huge animal lover myself so I had no problems passing on that love to my children, and Drake in particular has taken to them tremendously.  He loves books about them. Sleeps with a horde of them in his bed every night. We play guess [...]

girl swimming suits

50 Stores Where You Can Buy Swimming Suits for Kids

There are so many amazing places to buy swimming suits for little ones nowadays, I thought I would do a round up of over 50 online stores where you’re sure to find something cute for your little ones at any budget!

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