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Hopscotch Clothing Brand Loyalty

I feel like since becoming a parent I am on email lists for every child-related product on the planet! One of the biggest product is clothes. I love oohing and ahhing over cute little girl clothes and shoes. But 17 months into this parenting gig, I absolutely will not stray from my tried and true [...]


Mom & Mini Style: Chambray Trend

As Brandy already mentioned, the chambray trend lives on this fall! I tend to shy away from denim-on-denim, but I love the look with sleek black pants. for mom: top / pants / loafers / diaper clutch for mini: top / leggings / loafers / headband & bows These Foxy Vida diaper clutches are adorable [...]


Toddler Shoe Round Up

I’m not really into buying shoes at all and didn’t bother to buy Drake his first pair of shoes until he turned 15 months old and started to walk. I think I might do the same for Juliet, though I admit little girl stuff is a bit harder to resist, and makes it easier to [...]


Mom & Mini Style: Peplum

As a SAHM, it’s not often that I find myself dressed up. I hate to admit it, but sometimes putting on jeans instead of yoga pants is considered “dressing up” in my book!  That being said, with the recent Jewish high holidays I found myself searching my closet for more appropriate attire for temple services. [...]


Fall Hats and Hoodies with Ears

The weather is starting to turn cold and while I hate to say goodbye to dresses, shorts, and all other warm weather outfits, I am excited for the arrival of adorable fall hoodies complete with ears and animal faces!  I wrote about my love of all things ears in my post about dressing Drake, and now [...]


Mom & Mini Style: Fall Staples

I’ve started to realize more and more that I dress Baby Markers exactly how I dress myself. That might seem obvious but when I realized I was doing it, I was somewhat surprised! Now I don’t mean that we wear matching outfits on the regular because that could get kind of weird, but more so [...]


Swarm: How Do Popular Clothing Lines Fit Your LO?

Small? True to Size? Large? The Bees share below! J A M E S  ,  J  O E  ,  N  I C K  -  4 L I L L Y   –  2 1  M O N  T H S Carters – seemed to run true to size but most of my kids blew through [...]

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