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miscarriage care package

Putting Together a Miscarriage Care Package

One of my friends recently experienced a miscarriage, and I was so heartbroken for her.  I felt helpless standing idly by while she went through what was one of the most trying times of her life.  I knew there was nothing I could do or say to take the pain away, but wanted to show [...]

First Trimester Apprehension

When I was pregnant with my first child, the idea of something going wrong barely crossed my mind. As the first of our friends to take the leap into "baby-making", I didn't even give a second thought to all the things that could go wrong. I saw that double pink line and was just over [...]

How My D&C Went Down

In my last post, I discussed my miscarriage and how that's been affecting me emotionally. One common complaint among women who have had miscarriages is that there isn't a lot out there that details the experience.  Lots has been written about the emotional effects of loss, but the nuts and bolts of miscarriage are shrouded [...]

Sadness and Wonder

I'm in the middle of a long, drawn-out miscarriage. Well, what I thought was a long, drawn-out miscarriage. Now that I'm a little more educated about all of this, it seems to me that all miscarriages are a slog, both physically and emotionally. This is one of the many lessons I've learned while navigating this [...]


A Miscarriage Story

It's hard to put into words what a miscarriage feels like as it's such a solitary feeling in many ways. Most miscarriages happen very early on in a pregnancy that no one can really understand the loss; it's not visible and most people don't talk about it, so I feel like it's a very isolating [...]

The Silence Surrounding Miscarriage

Three weeks ago, I had a miscarriage. There, I said it out loud. (Insert sign of relief here.) You see, this site has given me a great outlet to blog anonymously about my TTC journey, and I even shared my feelings about my loss on the blog as well.  I felt that by sharing about [...]

Loss, Missed Miscarriage and the Four Week Wait

Trying to conceive is such an arduous journey.  Once the idea of having a baby turns from a vague possibility to something you want rightthissecond, the days and months seem to move at a snail's pace, as you prepare for ovulation, do your best to time things just right so the sperm actually meets the [...]

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