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Pattern Play

I love me some good ol’ pattern mixing, and this season, I’m especially loving florals and stripes together. This isn’t a new pattern combo, but it’s one that’s getting a lot of play this spring into summer. I think the trick is to mix bold florals with thinner neutral stripes or larger stripes with a [...]


My 15 Shoe Essentials

I’ve only worn high heels 3 times in the past 4 years — twice for a wedding and once for a charity event — so it was easy for me to get rid of almost all my high heels recently. Lately I’ve been paring down my shoe collection even more to only keep the shoes [...]


Spring Wardrobe Essentials

You can check out our updated! Fall Wardrobe Essentials here, and here are 17 spring time essentials to add to them. Mix in a few trendy items (maybe a few spring color or print items) that catch your eye during the season, and you’ll have yourself a closet full of quality, versatile items.


Ways to Layer Up Your Winter Wardrobe

Winter — she’s just not giving up. I’ve tried talking to her and she just won’t listen. I don’t know about you, but I am B-O-R-E-D with my winter clothes. It’s probably because I’m bored with winter and so over it. Layering all those clothes, sorta helps with the winter blues. So I gathered up [...]


Nursing cover-up round up

Oh, breastfeeding in public. My mother scolded me for breastfeeding without a cover in my parent baby class and insisted on shielding me curtain-style with a receiving blanket. If you can’t breastfeed comfortably there, then where can you breastfeed? In those early days with a newborn that made a huge fuss about latching, I did [...]

Dreaming-of-Summer Boy

I’m Dreaming of Summer

As we hunker down in preparation for another snow storm, I can’t help but think of summer, the warmth, the long days spent outside, and the beach.  I have never been a fan of the winter and now as stores start putting out their spring lines and resort collections filled with swimsuits, my mind is [...]


Wear It: Now and Later

The holidays are over and suddenly all the stores are fill up with spring attire. I know for many who live in those dreamy places where Winter is pretty warm and dazzling, the hints of Spring in the shops is probably pretty welcome. But for many of us, we are still plagued with a couple [...]

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