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The Most Flattering Swimming Suits

My body has never been the same since having Charlie and Olive, even if the number on the scale is the same as it was pre-kids. The biggest difference is I have that belly pooch many of us are left with post kids that is so hard to get rid of. I hated the way […]

Plus-Sized "Capsule" Wardrobe | Hellobee

My Plus Size “Capsule” Wardrobe

Last summer, I wrote about upgrading my wardrobe for work after I switched jobs from a very casual environment to a more business one. Since stocking up on summer staples, and now having gone through a winter and spring as well, I’ve been slowly paring my overall wardrobe down to create a capsule of sorts. […]

every day summer dresses

21 Summer Dresses for Every Day and Night

When it comes to summer dressing, keeping cool in the heat and being comfortable enough to do anything the day throws your way are top priority. Both things fall equally in line with style, because looking good and feeling good should go together. Personally in the summer, I wear a ton of shorts mostly because […]

gladiator sandals

Summer’s Must Have Sandal: The Gladiator Sandal

Summer is almost here, which means it’s just about time to brush up that pedicure and dust off those sandals. If you bought a new pair of sandals last year, you’ll probably be in good shape. But if you are like me and need a new pair, you can jump all over the must have […]

off the shoulder trend

The Off-Shoulder Top / 10 Everyday Wearable Options

The word trend tends to put a bad taste in some people’s mouths. Instantly it can remind you of some god awful trends from your past. But guys, the word doesn’t have to make you cringe! Well at least not that much. One of the biggest trends for spring summer 2016 happens to be the […]

Favorite Stitch Fix items.

Stitch Fix – A New Way to Shop at Home

Being a busy mom means I’m constantly looking for ways to be more efficient with my time. Whether by figuring out new ways to multitask or streamlining steps in my daily routine, it’s always great when I can save a couple minutes here and there. The bottom line is that my days of kicking back […]

10 jogger pants

The Everyday Stylish Sweat Pant / 10 Comfy and Stylish Pairs

I love when an old classic is made new in a super cool and stylish way. Even better when it’s a style that is historically extra comfy and lounge-y and it’s been reincarnated into a fashion standby. The ‘Jogger Pant’ is just that – a diamond in the rough – a sweat pant that is […]

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