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Red, White, and Blue You

Pssst…. Old Navy and Gap are offering free 2-day shipping + 35% off today only! Independence Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. Growing up, we always spent the day grilling out with family, perhaps hitting a local carnival, and ending the evening watching the fireworks from my grandmother’s balcony overlooking the Hudson […]


Summertime Maternity Capsule Collection

Are you pregnant right now? And going to be pregnant over the summer? I’m sending you cool breezy vibes if you are! Being pregnant in the summer is great because dressing is really easy and pretty inexpensive, but then there is the heat — oh the heat! When it comes to dressing the bump for […]

What to Wear When You Dont Feel Like Getting Dressed

What to Wear When You Don’t Feel Like Getting Dressed

The nasty humidity of DC-area summers coupled with the fact that I don’t work for most of the summer makes it very hard to get dressed some summer days. And that’s coming from someone who loves clothes! Perhaps you’re in the same boat, and whether you need to get dressed for work or need a […]


The Perfect Pair: Loft’s Riviera Shorts

I live in shorts once warmer weather heads our way. They’re practical (pockets!), easy to run around in, and with the right option, they can be incredibly stylish, too. Last year, I bought a pair of cream lace shorts from Loft’s Riviera line and instantly fell in love with them. They are amazingly comfortable and […]


Would You Wear a Visor?

When I was in LA recently, I wore one of my mom’s many visors when I was out walking their dog or at the beach. Asian women love huge, oversized, uv-protecting visors because they take their sun protection seriously. I’d deemed them too uncool to wear, but they did such a great job of keeping the sun off […]


Find Your Perfect Summer Footwear

For many people summer has pretty much already arrived, and you may or may not have already done a bit of summer shopping. I am personally a very strategic shopper; I only buy what I need and love and what will be super versatile in my closet. I find when I have too many options I […]


25 Stylish (and Flattering) Swimsuits for Momma

I don’t know about you, but I was SO ready for winter to be over… it seems like it just ended, but now here we are in May (!!) and just a few short weeks away until pool season official begins! While I (sometimes begrudgingly) sported bikinis pre-kiddo, as a momma, I don’t feel as […]

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