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Montessori Nursery – Update!

When I wrote about Little Lion’s Montessori inspired nursery a while back, he still wasn’t mobile. A lot of the baby-proofing we did at that time was in anticipation of him being able to get into everything eventually…but we had no idea what a curious daredevil he would turn out to be! Now that he [...]

Potty training versus toilet learning. What is the difference?

Over time our family has gravitated more and more to a Montessori approach to most things involving our daughters.  There are multiple different ways to do potty training, and they all work pretty well, I think.  Here is a method that we sort of fell into by “accident” (potty pun!) and has worked for us. [...]

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Our Montessori Inspired Nursery Makeover

Recently I came across some articles about creating a Montessori environment in the home. I found these very interesting, especially in light of my child development/education background. I am not trained in Montessori education, but I know a little bit of the methodology, and I believe in creating spaces that are accessible to children. I had [...]

My Independent Kid and his world

My son is about to be two, now, as this post publishes, but I’m going to post things we learned as we learned them. When I wrote this post, he was 18 months old and transitioning from a baby who did what his parents wanted, pretty much, to a little dude with opinions and preferences [...]


Montessori life: Sensitive Periods

Montessori educators often talk about “Sensitive periods.”  These are times in which children are primed to learn.  As parents, it is important to recognize when sensitive periods are happening because they represent opportunities that we can use to guide our children’s development while respecting their needs.  During sensitive periods, children become intrigued (almost obsessive) with [...]

Otis watering - 23 months

practical life activities for toddlers

Today I thought it would be fun to share some of our favourite practical life activities. I know these are all really obvious activities, but sometimes we forget how much toddlers love helping and how important it is for their development.

How we chose a Kindergarten…

Last time I wrote on this subject… I was surrounded by school packets and somewhat dazed and confused about the whole thing. We were looking at a Montessori School, a Charter School, a Reggio Emilia school, and a Collaborative school. I was overwhelmed and unsure where to start. So I basically just made appointments to tour [...]

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