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Learning ABCs

Somewhere between the ages of three to four years old most children will start to learn their ABCs! Some children will learn earlier and some later. The Montessori approach to literacy begins with learning letters phonetically. This means the child learns ‘a’ not ‘A.’ They learn the sound of the letter, not the name of […]


Our Montessori Style Children’s Room

I’d been putting off sharing the end result of Roman’s first children’s room in hopes that I’d eventually finish decorating with all the little touches I originally dreamt up. Alas, with us moving to a new apartment a month from now, this is as good as it’s going to get! When we first moved from our one […]

Cutting tray basic at How we Montessori

Scissor Cutting Practice

My son was around two years old when we first introduced a scissor cutting tray. The first step was to select a suitable pair of scissors. There are lots of child friendly scissors available. We chose a pair that were small for his hands, were sharp enough to cut paper and had a blunt tip. […]

June Montessori Letter Writing Tray Activity for Four Year Old

A Children’s Letter Writing Tray

Do your children like to write thank you notes or draw letters to their family and friends? A letter writing tray can help a young child formulate a letter themselves. The tray promotes letter writing and literacy skills in a really fun way. We have put together a tray that contains all the items a […]

DIY Montessori Mystery Box at How we Montessori

DIY Montessori Mystery Box

In Montessori Schools, children often use a Mystery Box. The idea is for the child to place their arms into the box and feel the item/s inside. This isolates their senses. They identify the item/s in the box by touch only! Once I found the right sized box, this DIY took me less than five […]


DIY Marble Magnets

I have seen these marble magnets in many Montessori type activities, so I decided to make some of my own! They were incredibly easy, and are so much fun for Little Lion to manipulate. An important word of caution…these should only be used under very close supervision, as they are not only a choking hazard […]


Practical Life at 27 Months

I am completely flabbergasted at the fact that I wrote this post about what we were up to in the realm of Practical Life an entire year ago! I thought I should update the hive with how things are going, and what’s up next for Little Lion! I wrote last time that one of the […]

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