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Hello Bee Chalkboard Otis making an 'o'

Learning to Write

Somewhere between two and three years of age, I noticed my children’s drawings and scribbles starting to resemble letters. Both of my children started with writing the first letter of their name. Often children draw circles too, which makes it easy for Otis. When Otis was close to three I encouraged him to use his [...]

Hello Bee - Favourite Montessori Books by Kylie at How we Montessori

My Favourite Montessori Books

I read a lot of Montessori books, so I thought I would share some of my favourites. My favourite Montessori book for new parents and parents of toddlers is: The Joyful Child – Montessori, Global Wisdom for Birth to Three by Susan Mayclin Stephenson. This is one of the best books that covers the Montessori approach [...]

Getting Ready for (Pre)School

After we enrolled in the Montessori school and I started to get an idea of what the children will be learning to do, I began to work at home with the cubs to get them ready for this new shift in our daily life. At first I was afraid that we would have to introduce [...]


Learning Materials for Toddlers – DIY Montessori Toys

Little Lion is at such a fun age right now. He is finally beginning to “play” in a more traditional sense. Until now, play for him mostly consisted of climbing, running, reaching for anything that was clearly off limits, pulling everything out of cabinets…you get the idea. Now, though, he is interested in putting things [...]


Our At-Home “Classroom”

At barely 16 months, Little Lion is nowhere near ready for actual “lessons”, but I love the idea of having a place for his materials that have been chosen specifically to work on certain skills. This “classroom” is not really a room, but rather is a corner of our living room. Having a separate room for this [...]


Practical Life at 15 Months

While I am not specifically Montessori trained, I find myself aligning with the Montessori philosophies quite often as I make decisions as a parent. I believe that a lot of the Montessori practices that encourage independence help toddlers feel in control, and this will help to cut down on power struggles and frustration through early childhood. [...]


Montessori Nursery – Update!

When I wrote about Little Lion’s Montessori inspired nursery a while back, he still wasn’t mobile. A lot of the baby-proofing we did at that time was in anticipation of him being able to get into everything eventually…but we had no idea what a curious daredevil he would turn out to be! Now that he [...]

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