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Baby Star Bright on her billiblanket to treat her jaundice.

A Two-Month Update

This Saturday will mark Baby Star Light’s two-month birthday. This also means that Baby Star Bright is quickly approaching her one-month birthday. I just cannot believe how quickly the time has gone! So how are things going for us? Let me quickly recap what’s been happening with the Starfish family… For starters, both babies are […]


15 Month Update

There has been a big shift since M turned one in which our baby has turned into a little boy. Three months ago he was just starting to walk and now we can barely keep up with him. But even more than that, he is coming into his own person and is starting to do […]


Seven Months Old

I thought I’d do a combo one month update and seven month birthday update, as they fell only a few days apart. T turned seven months old three days before the one month anniversary of the day we picked him up. In some ways it seems like we just brought him home, and yet at […]


Six Months of Max

In what seems like the blink of an eye, Baby Oats is six months old. He’s still so little, but it feels like he’s been part of our family forever. Little Oats loves him more than anything, and he completely adores her too! We’ve dealt with a fair bit in Baby Oats’ half a year; […]


Almost 2 years old update

I’ve been saying Baby Pencil is “almost 2 years old” because I’ve stopped tracking his months. All I know is that his birthday is in April, and I tell everyone he’s “about a year and a half.” Through the last couple of months, I’ve definitely loosened up on tracking his weight, height and milestones. I […]


Sweet P at 9 Months

Weight & Length: Sweet P now weighs at 9 months what her big brother did at 18 months! She came in at 19lbs14oz (70th percentile) and was 27.5 inches tall (right at the 50th percentile). And this pretty girl’s head size continues to stay in the 99th percentile. Sleeping: Oh boy. After we got back […]


Celebrating 100 days

About a week ago, we celebrated Baby Pizza’s Baek Il, which is a common celebration for Koreans marking the 100th day after a child’s birth. A long time ago in Korea when there were more childhood diseases, the survival rate for babies was low so it was a pretty big deal for a baby to make […]

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