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Jaren’s 17 Month Update

Jaren is 17 months already!  I’ve long stopped counting weeks, and I’m even losing track of months now.  He’ll be 2 before I know it!  I already can’t believe it’s mid-2014. I feel like we just started the year, where did the time go? I used to think people were crazy when they told me [...]

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21 and 22 month update

Hi, and welcome to my broken record report.  My baby isn’t a BABY!  My toddler is more and more of a little boy every day.  He is growing a neck, where he once only had baby chub.  He speaks in (strangely constructed) sentences, for heavens sake.  Wasn’t he just born?! As we rapidly approach his [...]


Miss H: 23 Month Update

My oh my how the months are flying by! This past month has been slightly more challenging with Miss H getting sick with a terrible cold. However, we count our blessings that this was her first sickness of the winter season (and now it’s officially spring, so that’s exciting!). We juggled minimal sleep, an uncomfortable [...]


Dear Juliet

Dear Juliet, Eight months in a blink of an eye.  Where does the time go?  Sometimes when I look at you I cant believe how big you are (even if you are still very little in size). Life is so different when you are the second child, I know. Mommy never gets to devote her [...]


Miss H: 22 Month Update

I recently revealed Miss H’s new “big girl room.” Because it’s a lovely space with lots of natural light, we can finally take her monthly photos in her own room (instead of ours)! The fun keeps on rolling in the Hopscotch household these days. We love having family dinners together, with Miss H’s new room [...]


18 Month / 4 Year Update

Now that Lil Miss Wagon is getting older and Wagon Jr. is 4 years old, I’ve decided to just do updates when we get updated stats from the pediatrician. This probably means individual updates for each kid (WJ’s next one being at 5 years old, yikes!), so this will probably be my last combined update [...]

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Little Piñata at 21 Months

Since Little Piñata turned 15 months I decided to only write a “monthly” update every 3 months, which means the next update will be at 2 years old! No more counting by months then! :-) Weight & Length: We haven’t been to the doctor since his 18 month appointment, but I’m guessing he’s still cruising up [...]

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