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23 months

Twenty Three Months: A New Season

For the last few months, my posts have been fraught with worry. First, Little Oats wasn’t getting dressed, then she wasn’t falling asleep, then she wasn’t staying asleep. We wrestled and fought, the tantrums were epic, and her opinions were clearly made known. Forget a casual trip to get a few groceries, or a dinner […]


Lion Family Spring Update

Somehow I blinked, and then realized that Baby Lion is already 3 months old! We are officially out of the newborn stage, and I am not quite sure how that happened so quickly! With Little Lion I blogged monthly about how he was changing, but I am not feeling quite so ambitious this time around. […]


Sweet P at 4 Months

Our sweet little girl has turned 4 months and is as happy as a clam! I feel like we have gotten to the “sweet spot” of babyhood. We are past colic and tummy issues and her reflux is now well managed with medication. Hooray! And since nap training, she’s sleeping better both day and night. Even […]


20 Weeks and 20 Months

Things are a little crazy around the Oatmeal house lately, though I can only assume it will continue to get crazier. Little Oats hit the 20 month mark, which has been both trying and delightful, and I hit the 20 week mark in my pregnancy with Baby Oats – also trying and delightful! So what […]


The First Seven Months of William

We are about the cross the eight month celebration of sweet William making us a family of three and me a pink tiger, and I wanted to share what life has been like with this little guy thus far. The months passed at quite a whirlwind and I am only reminded that yes, the hours are long […]

Little Oats: a Year in Review

Before having Little Oats, I assumed that every year would pass with roughly the same speed. I always looked back at the year behind me and marveled over what had happened – I was working at a new job, or we had moved to a new city, or I’d finally gotten pregnant. But generally speaking, […]


Sweet P at 3 Months

We made it to 3 months! I feel like the past 3 months of our lives have been a total blur. Sweet P is so very sweet, but also very difficult to figure out. The past 3 months have been a lot of trial and error, trying to figure out how to help her eat […]

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