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The First Seven Months of William

We are about the cross the eight month celebration of sweet William making us a family of three and me a pink tiger, and I wanted to share what life has been like with this little guy thus far. The months passed at quite a whirlwind and I am only reminded that yes, the hours are long […]

Little Oats: a Year in Review

Before having Little Oats, I assumed that every year would pass with roughly the same speed. I always looked back at the year behind me and marveled over what had happened – I was working at a new job, or we had moved to a new city, or I’d finally gotten pregnant. But generally speaking, […]


Sweet P at 3 Months

We made it to 3 months! I feel like the past 3 months of our lives have been a total blur. Sweet P is so very sweet, but also very difficult to figure out. The past 3 months have been a lot of trial and error, trying to figure out how to help her eat […]


Asher: One Month Update

I’m so excited to begin sharing monthly updates about our Asher bug with the hive. This little guy has stolen our hearts and is growing like a weed already! Since this is month one, we have to start from the very beginning! Stats/Feeding: At the beginning of the month, when he was fresh out of […]


Sweet P at 2 Months

Well, the second month of Sweet P’s life was a lot harder than the first. By the end of her second month it seemed like we were in full-on colic and reflux. Not fun for anyone. Although pediatricians don’t seem to diagnose colic (in our pediatrician’s case, I think it’s because there’s nothing he can do about […]


2.5 year update

The days are long, but the years are short. Profoundly cliche but never more true than when caring for a 2 year old. Especially a 2 year old who takes his responsibility of living up to the “terrible two” moniker seriously. And with that, I give you Colin’s 2.5 year update. From the blue corner, […]


Baby Pencil’s 6 month update

It’s been half a year (unbelievable) since this little guy came into the world. From being someone who ignored children, to being terrified of giving birth, to having a terrible recovery, to postpartum depression… I’m finally at a wonderful place. Perhaps I’m here now because it’s the extreme opposite of everything I endured? Whatever the […]

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