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Fourth Trimester Style

I’m one of those people who loved being pregnant. I liked dressing the bump and revelled in the beauty of my body as it grew. I loved that my body had a purpose. I felt like a kid again, growing more every month and feeling proud of that growth. Post-birth, I’m learning to embrace the “fourth trimester” […]

Wherever you go, there you are

Finding Strength in Mindfulness and Motherhood

Wherever you go, there you are – Looking over the city of Chiang Mai – her birthplace Motherhood. This is it. Raw and beautiful. I am here, in the breastmilk, in the sleepless nights, in the reflection in my newborn’s precious bright eyes. Wherever you go there you are. It’s true. It’s also the latest title in […]

The Second Time Around

Now that Mini Pbj has turned two and we are knee-deep into the throws of toddlerhood, I find myself thinking back and reminiscing more often on those first few weeks and months of her life. I’m enjoying this age quite a bit, and the freedom that comes from not having a “baby” anymore is nice. […]

Role Reversal

Growing up in a very conservative, traditional Christian family, I was quite used to rigid gender roles. My dad worked as a high-level executive, and when it came to tasks around the house, he was responsible for the typical ‘man’ jobs; taking out the garbage, cutting the grass, repairing things (or arranging for repairs), etc. […]


Hoping they will be Daddy’s girls forever

A couple weeks ago, Mr. Juice went out of town for a work trip. He was only gone for three days, but you would think that it was forever for the girls. Of course, I’ll admit it’s gotten a million times easier to take care of the kids now that they are 4 and 7 […]

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Mama’s boy

My sweet Washi baby is a mama’s boy in a big way. And it is driving me crazy! He wants me all the time. If he is happily playing with his toys and I walk into the room, he starts crying as soon as he sees me. If my husband is holding him and he notices […]


On Becoming My Mother

When I first found out I was pregnant, I immediately adopted a parenting mantra – I will not be anything like my mother. I have no idea why this became my mantra. My mom is one of the most amazing people I know, and I have endless respect and admiration for her as a person […]

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