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The Highly Sensitive Parent

Parenting is intense. Everyday is a feast of the senses – the wails and screams, the reek of a dirty diaper, the silkiness of newborn skin, the mosaic of baby food all over your shirt. If you are a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), you might experience these sights, smells and sounds even more vividly. Parenting […]


What I didn’t know about being a mom

Some of my favorite articles online are those “what I didn’t know” articles about being a mother. There are tons of lists for what people didn’t know about post-partum, marriage, and raising kids. I thought I would take a different take on it and list some things I didn’t know about being a mother. I […]


A Letter to My First

My sweet boy, You are a joy. That is really the only way to describe you. A joy. You have boundless energy and an adventurous spirit.  You are silly and mischievous, and are friendly in a way I am envious of. To you, everyone is a friend, and I dread the day that I have […]


Rejecting Mom Guilt

I went away on a 4 day, 3 night long work trip this past week, the longest one I’ve done yet. One of my coworkers who tagged along has a child close in age to D, and this was her first time away since her daughter was born. She missed her little girl terribly and […]

On Body Image and Motherhood

A couple of weeks after discovering I was carrying our second child, I attended a bachelorette party for one of my very best friends. We started the day at a pool at a hip Brooklyn hotel. I was in my new one piece with an ever so slight baby bump, because that’s just what happens the second […]

Mommy Confessions: Sometimes I don’t like my toddler

Even just writing the title of this post, I feel like a terrible mother. Especially as a mother who daydreamed throughout her pregnancy about the idyllic life I would have as a stay at home mom, who couldn’t wait to dive head first into full time child rearing, who admittedly (albeit silently) judged the hell […]

You Might Be a New Mom If…

This time last year, I was just starting to get my bearings in the ‘new-mom’ world. While it was challenging and exciting all at the same time, it was also EMBARRASSING. I did so many ridiculous things, went out in public looking like a complete trainwreck, and garbled my words in a sleep-deprived haze. It […]

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