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Mom to Two

We went out with some friends for our birthdays in early February this year. Around 10pm I was fading fast, and that became the topic of conversation. I was so tired because I had a nearly one year old, and I had been tired for a whole year. Then shortly after that conversation, I became [...]

With my daughter I was over the new mom insecurities and was able to truly enjoy her infancy.

A changing Identity Part Three: To preschool and beyond.

After surviving the “new mom era,” I have felt like I have been in this slow transition to a new me and it comes from changes in our family dynamic.  It’s nothing like the unending feeling of being lost that I felt with infertility. It’s not this overnight colossal change that being a new mom [...]

A Shift.

When my husband and I found out we could not have biological children, we were devastated. It felt like the absolute worst thing we could ever hear and was a crushing blow to our identities. For years, since I was a child myself,  all I wanted was to be a mother and I ached to [...]

My nerdy science teacher may have been coming out a bit.  Yes in fact his shirt does say bactieria are our friend.

A Changing Identity Part Two: The New Mom Days

In my last post I talked about my identity before having kids. Those few years before I became a mother were some of the darkest I have known, and I struggled a great deal.  I thought the solution to finding myself would be to become a mother.  I knew once I became a mother that [...]

Before I was a mother, working in my field and loving every minute of it.

A Changing Identity Part one: Before I was a mother

A few weeks back my MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) group had a video and discussion about identity and how it changes throughout our lives, especially after becoming a parent.  As we were discussing at our table, I realized just how many of us had struggled or were currently struggling with our changing identities.  We shared [...]

Colin, literally dragging his best buddy E into our village

Building a "Village" from Scratch

As Colin approaches his second birthday, the days blur together in a flurry of messes, play dates, tantrums and “eat, play, sleep” cycles. And although each day seems to blur into another sometimes, I remember those first few months of my parenthood journey so clearly: An endorphin rush at his birth followed by a hormone [...]

Me and my little sickling

Trusting my Mommy Instincts

Here's a story that will sound familiar to anyone parenting a child under the age of two.  Cranky, clingy baby.  Drippy nose.  Sleep gone to hell.  Mild diarrhea.  Low grade fever. Rubbing at the ears.  All signs point to ear infection. Me and my little sickling

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