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Potty training multiples

Currently I am about a year and a half out from potty training my boys.  It has been on my mind lately because now my daughter is coming up on two years old and I know I am going to have to face the facts soon…  I have more potty training to do.  I have […]

Tips for When Your Kids Outnumber You

When people see me coming with all my kids in tow, I get a wide variety of reactions.  It usually ranges from looking at me like I have 8 heads growing out of my neck, to strange curiosity, to complete awe.  The first sign someone has noticed us is the bulging eyes and looking back […]

The Secret Life of Twins

Mrs Blue asked for a post about what it’s like to be an identical twin! So out of love for the Blue family (and the twin baby blues!), here goes. Being a twin is a very intimate experience. I remember reading at some point in childhood that identical twins were once a single cell. That […]

Grieving for a “Perfect” Pregnancy

I really struggled with whether to write this post, but I’ve decided it’s important and real and should be addressed.  It’s hard to admit to feeling anything other than overwhelming excitement and joy when you’re pregnant because of the fear of being judged, the fear of having someone think you aren’t deserving of what you’ve […]

Twins 1

So, Do Twins Run in the Family?

Having announced our twin pregnancy to the world recently, the most common response I get to our news is “So, do twins run in the family?”  Despite this being such a common belief, scientists can’t find evidence that identical twins are genetic; no one is actually certain what causes an egg to split.  Fraternal twins can […]

Confessions of a Mother of Multiples: Surviving the First Year

On July 30, 2010 my life changed drastically.  It’s not the day I became a mom — that was about 8 months earlier when my oldest son was born.  No, this day was the day I became a MOM (mother of multiples). I have found that with this title, many moms have come up to […]

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