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Nontraditional Lullabies

I have nothing personal against traditional nursery rhymes and children’s songs. My mother sings countless ones to my daughter, and she often goes to youtube to learn or re-learn more. We’ve probably learned them ourselves as children and paid little attention to the words then and now, but have you ever wondered about some of [...]


Baby Markers’ Daily Jams

We LOVE music over here. Music class is our favorite time of the week, and Baby Markers is known to bust a move at the mere jingle of a commercial. Not wanting to deny her the joy she gets every time she hears a funky beat, I started playing music for her during the day. [...]


Parent-Friendly Kids’ CD – Okee Dokee Brothers

I’m pretty sure if I have to listen to any more variations of the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” I will lose it! There’s the traditional version, the jazzy version, the rock version. Enough is enough! But, we like having music on for Miss H throughout the day. It’s just, well, some kids music can be pretty [...]


DIY Wood Instruments

While built with objects easily found in a craft store, this project is a bit of a time investment (couple of hours), particularly when prepping all the wood pieces (think: sawing, sanding, and some drilling). But my kids were amazed when everything came together in the form of bright, colorful instruments. Aside from the steps [...]

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Music for Kids (and Grown-ups, too!)

Here’s a little tidbit about me: I love to sing. I totally geeked it out all through high school and college in multiple choirs, glee clubs and a capella groups. I know, I’m so cool. ;) Anyway, since I love singing and music in general, there’s only so much annoying children’s music I can take [...]

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