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There's nothing quite like seeing them work together and have fun.

Mindful Music

Local. It’s a big thing. BIG. Eat local. Buy local. Support your local ___. I am completely and totally down with the grassroots sentiments behind the movement, and so the idea of being able to consume something like music and know where it’s coming from is huge to me. While I love the idea of […]


10 Gifts for Your Little Music Lover

I think it’s pretty common for little kids to enjoy music, but Juliet takes it to another level. Since she was able to pull to stand Juliet has been dancing her way into our hearts. She loves to shake and move at any sound, whether it be you singing, to Drake’s marching band (eg him […]


An adoptive mama’s playlist

Around here, music tends to gravitate towards the likes of Laurie Berkener, Raffi, Elizabeth Mitchell… and the complete soundtrack of Disney’s “Frozen.” But there’s only so much “Let It Go” a gal can take, so the other day I passed over my iPhone to Mini with an offer of “I’ll let you DJ if you […]

Nontraditional Lullabies

I have nothing personal against traditional nursery rhymes and children’s songs. My mother sings countless ones to my daughter, and she often goes to youtube to learn or re-learn more. We’ve probably learned them ourselves as children and paid little attention to the words then and now, but have you ever wondered about some of […]


Baby Markers’ Daily Jams

We LOVE music over here. Music class is our favorite time of the week, and Baby Markers is known to bust a move at the mere jingle of a commercial. Not wanting to deny her the joy she gets every time she hears a funky beat, I started playing music for her during the day. […]


Parent-Friendly Kids’ CD – Okee Dokee Brothers

I’m pretty sure if I have to listen to any more variations of the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” I will lose it! There’s the traditional version, the jazzy version, the rock version. Enough is enough! But, we like having music on for Miss H throughout the day. It’s just, well, some kids music can be pretty […]


DIY Wood Instruments

While built with objects easily found in a craft store, this project is a bit of a time investment (couple of hours), particularly when prepping all the wood pieces (think: sawing, sanding, and some drilling). But my kids were amazed when everything came together in the form of bright, colorful instruments. Aside from the steps […]

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