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Nap Training at 5 Months

A little while back, I shared about our life-changing experience with sleep training Baby Oats. Thanks to a wonderful friend who shared her expertise, we went from 3-5 wakeups per night to a baby who sleeps 12 hours straight. The plan that we used involved getting rid of all sleep crutches, and tackling all sleep […]


Sleep & Nap Training to Save My Sanity

Baby Brother Stroller has been a difficult baby. His entry to the world was difficult (or at least my complications afterwards were), his feeding issues were difficult, and his food sensitivities are insane. But his being overtired was the biggest challenge to date. About a month ago I reached what I consider rock-bottom. It was […]


Nap Training At 4 Months

If you’ve followed our story, you know that Sweet P had a rough few months with colic, reflux, tongue and lip tie and a dairy intolerance. Along with these issues came a lot of crying, screaming and not sleeping. Getting to the bottom of it all was not fun for anyone. We spent so many hours […]

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Adventures in Nap Training

I wrote here about our adventures with sleep training. It went incredibly well, and I was shocked at how quickly bedtime got better. I realize that’s not the case for everyone, and for those of you cursing me, here is where you get your retribution. The dreaded nap. Nap training is a completely different beast. […]


The Standoff

We never sleep trained Lil Miss Wagon. She always fell asleep drinking her bottle before naps and bedtime, and had no problems transferring to the crib. Eventually we were able to put her down awake and she was able to fall asleep on her own with no problems. We never had to let her cry, […]

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Nap Training for Baby Markers

We returned from vacation a couple weeks ago. While we were gone, we let Baby Markers nap wherever she would – in the car, in our arms, in the pack n’ play, on the bed in the hotel room – basically anywhere we could make it happen!  The struggle was that for naps and bedtime, […]

Nap Training at Six Months

Sleep. Everyone needs it, yet few of us seem to get enough of it. And with babies, it determines the mood of an entire household.  All moms want their babies to be good sleepers. At the beginning, Little C was a 2-asleep 1-awake kind of kid, round the clock. It took him a while but […]

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