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Picking a Nap Schedule

K & D have gone through a ton of different nap schedules! Right now K who is 3 years old takes an afternoon nap once every few days, and D is waffling between needing one and two naps a day. If you're wondering how often your baby/toddler should be napping, perhaps one of these schedules [...]


Swarm: How Much Does Your Little One Sleep?

In this edition of the Swarm, the Bees share how many hours a day their little ones sleep, their bedtimes and wake-up times, and whether or not they think their LO's need more sleep. Please note that most of these answers were written two months ago (their LO's current ages are under each author banner), [...]


The Standoff

We never sleep trained Lil Miss Wagon. She always fell asleep drinking her bottle before naps and bedtime, and had no problems transferring to the crib. Eventually we were able to put her down awake and she was able to fall asleep on her own with no problems. We never had to let her cry, [...]

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Swarm: When Did Your Little One Drop to 2, 1, 0 Naps?

In this edition of the Swarm, the bees share the ages their little ones dropped to 2, 1, and 1 naps! E L L I E  - 6  Y E A R S L O R E L E I  -  1 4  M O N T H S Ellie was, and is, somewhat of a [...]

She used to do this...

She Never Sleeps

Cue the creepy music. There's this horror movie that I used to love, The Ring, and the whole, "she never sleeps" line comes from that. This particular situation is pretty much equally as terrifying, from the standpoint of my entire life falling to shreds around me as I watch in stark terror. Am I being [...]

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Nap Training at Six Months

Sleep. Everyone needs it, yet few of us seem to get enough of it. And with babies, it determines the mood of an entire household.  All moms want their babies to be good sleepers. At the beginning, Little C was a 2-asleep 1-awake kind of kid, round the clock. It took him a while but [...]

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Balancing Flexibility with Routine

Today marked the first day of a pretty big house project: a new deck! Missus Scooter and I have been really excited about the start of this endeavor because the deck we had before was really small and a bit janky. We couldn't imagine letting Baby O crawl  around on it (flaking paint, uneven boards, [...]

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