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Baby Deer's Birth Story

My due date for Baby Deer was October 15th. With Little Deer I waited until I was 40 weeks and 6 days along before taking castor oil to help get things going. That worked quite well and she was born the following day at 41 weeks. I was hoping that Baby Deer might come a [...]


Do I want another unmedicated birth?

This has been a question I've been asking myself since for quite some time now. And here I am—38 weeks pregnant and still without an answer. It seems like most people I know who have had a natural birth definitely want another, but I'm not so sure that I feel the same way. I blogged [...]


Welcome, Winter

At around 35 weeks I became fearful that my water would break in bed, we'd spend 48 hours in the hospital, and come home to a bed soaked in bodily fluids. It didn't matter to me that there was less than a 10% chance that my water would actually break in bed. Or anywhere else [...]


Our Little Deer: The Birth

So far I've covered our pregnancy announcement as well as the pregnancy. Now comes the big moment... Little Deer's arrival! As my due date approached, I just kept thinking about how she would finally be with us, any day now. I had a feeling she would be on the later side, so I wasn't overly [...]


The Accidental Home Birth

Laura of The Zhukeepers previously shared the birth story of her first child Sam here, and now she's back with the incredible birth story of her second child! .  .  .  .  . My labor with Sam was only 5 hours, which is very quick compared to most first births. My midwives and I were [...]


Chocolate Baby's Birth Story

On June 17th, Drake and I went to what would be my last OBGYN visit for Chocolate Baby. Drake has come with me to every visit for Chocolate Baby and loves seeing the baby on the screen. The previous week I was 2 cm dilated and my doctor and Mr Chocolate were sure I wouldn't make [...]

mr. owl and baby owl

Seven things not to say to your wife when she's in labor: A birth story.

Well, Baby Owl has arrived. My water broke at about four o’clock in the morning on May 20th. Well, I should say, it started at about four o’clock in the morning on the 20th. It wasn’t like in the movies, where pregnant women’s water breaks with one great gush. Rather, my water continued “breaking” until the baby [...]

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