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Newborn Must Haves

In the first week Baby Sea Otter was born, we were just surviving. We had our bundle of love home, and now we had to nurture him and keep him alive. Well-intentioned friends would often tell me things that worked for their babies, which was appreciated, but ultimately, this is our list of what worked [...]


What Life With a Newborn Is Really Like

There’s a fine line, I’ve realized, between reality and what people want to think is reality, and it’s especially apparent online. It’s so easy to look like you’ve got it all together and that things are picture perfect, but really, Facebook, twitter, and blogs are just teeny tiny glimpses into our lives. People don’t want [...]

road trip with a newborn

Surviving a Road Trip with a Two Day Old

The only thing scarier than realizing the hospital will really let you leave with your baby, is the realization that you’ll have to drive 546 miles to get home. Yes, we were crazy enough to drive home with our two-day-old baby. When we were first deciding the logistics of how to get Baby Sea Otter [...]


Aidan’s Story

It’s been a while, but I wanted to update and give the details on the birth of our son, Aidan, aka Baby Sea Otter. During an elective ultrasound at 34 weeks, we discovered that Baby Sea Otter was breech. This was a huge surprise for all of us. Our surrogate Aimee had all of her [...]

two babies

A Tale of Two Babies

When Juliet was born, the first thing I noticed was how much she resembled Drake at birth.  I felt like I was looking at the same baby and even commented to Mr. Chocolate on their similarities.  Mr. Chocolate didn’t believe me at first, until his sister came to visit and showed him a picture on [...]

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Bonding with Baby

I had many reservations about how to adjust to life with another baby before Juliet’s birth.  The biggest one being how I would ever love another child as much as I loved Drake.  These thoughts plagued me the last month before I gave birth, and I cried quite a few times thinking  about it. Drakey [...]


Letting a Father be a Daddy

Big Brother and Lil’ Brother are blessed to have a father that doesn’t just want to carry the title but instead wants to be a hands-on Daddy.  Mr. Blue wants to help take care of them, whether that means playing on the floor or waking up in the middle of the night for a feeding [...]

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