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How to survive the first 3 months – physically, mentally, and emotionally

The first three months with your newborn is hard.  Even if you have an easy baby (whatever that means), the sleep deprivation, endless crying, and constant feeding can make it difficult for any parent. I have struggled a lot through those early months for both Lil’ Pizza and Baby Pizza. I think I would be in […]


Getting to the bottom of Sweet P’s Tummy Issues: Part 2

Just sitting here wondering if I should get my tongue released or not After I last wrote, we were leaving the ENT office and feeling confused about Sweet P’s tongue tie and whether or not we should get the procedure done. We contacted the other specialist in town who is known for doing both tongue […]


The Care and Maintenance of Gremlins

Before having a baby, I was absolutely terrified of the newborn phase. I’m someone who desperately needs sleep, and I couldn’t imagine what constant wake-ups might do to me. I’d heard that some newborns were sleepy and cuddly, but Little Oats seemed to miss out on that memo; she was a wakeful baby right from […]


10 Things I Know about the Newborn Stage the 2nd Time Around

Let me start off by saying my transition into motherhood was rocky at best.  Thinking about the newborn stage would often make me shudder, as it was heavily marked by depression, anxiety, and insomnia with my first-born.  I knew with my second child things would be different, but I didn’t know how different. With my […]

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Newborn Must Haves

In the first week Baby Sea Otter was born, we were just surviving. We had our bundle of love home, and now we had to nurture him and keep him alive. Well-intentioned friends would often tell me things that worked for their babies, which was appreciated, but ultimately, this is our list of what worked […]


What Life With a Newborn Is Really Like

There’s a fine line, I’ve realized, between reality and what people want to think is reality, and it’s especially apparent online. It’s so easy to look like you’ve got it all together and that things are picture perfect, but really, Facebook, twitter, and blogs are just teeny tiny glimpses into our lives. People don’t want […]

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Surviving a Road Trip with a Two Day Old

The only thing scarier than realizing the hospital will really let you leave with your baby, is the realization that you’ll have to drive 546 miles to get home. Yes, we were crazy enough to drive home with our two-day-old baby. When we were first deciding the logistics of how to get Baby Sea Otter […]

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