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Painting a Mural when you aren’t an Artist

Mr. Ice Cream and I decided we wanted to paint a Calvin and Hobbes mural in M’s room. For Mr. Ice Cream, this was motivated by his (curiously) strong love for the comic strip, whereas I just thought it would look really cute. We chose an illustration from The Essential Calvin & Hobbes that felt […]


Second Chance Nursery

When we were dating, Mr. Macaron and I used to love checking out furniture shops together like Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, and Z Gallerie. Yea, I know, sort of dorky. His parents were interior designers, so he grew up with a design oriented family. As for me, I used to work with creative folks everyday […]

Photo by James Currie

Our twinbling nursery

Without a doubt, one of the rooms that I spend a ton of time in these days is our baby girls’ nursery. I had a fun time decorating our girls’ room, but I also was on a limited budget after all of the financial outlays from IVF treatments and surrogacy. For ideas to smartly save […]


Homemade Art Ideas for the Nursery

As we were packing up Will’s room, I took a moment to revel in how much love we poured into his tiny space. One of the biggest ways we helped to make Will a warm space was to surround him with “art” made by family and friends. What started as a participatory guest book for our […]


A Room Without a Theme – My Little Boy’s Nursery

When I found out I was having a little boy, I was excited to do something completely new for our nursery. I wanted my lil’ Tea Pot to have his own specially prepared space that he would hopefully enjoy for years to come. After we moved Lil’ Tea Cup into her new big girl room […]


Ikea for babies & kids

Ikea has so many great things for babies! I recently went there and found a bunch of things for Baby Pencil. Here are some of my favorite Ikea baby products: For babies: 1) Kladd Prickar Bibs – I’ve written about these before, but they are so great to throw around because they’re so cheap. The material is […]


Decorating a Nursery on a Budget

When I found out I was pregnant with a little boy, Pinterest-worthy nursery ideas flooded my head. Unfortunately, along with those picture-perfect nurseries come sky-high price tags…and we weren’t prepared to spend all of our savings just decking out a room for Baby Oats. So, while I continued to browse Pinterest for inspiration, I began […]

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