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Ikea Ribba vs. Bekvam as Display Bookshelves

Most of you have probably seen Ikea’s Ribba picture ledges and Bekvam spice racks used as display bookshelves in children’s room. Charlie has had the Ribba shelves and Olive has had both the Ribba shelves and Bekvam spice racks in her room for almost a year now, so I thought it was time for a comparison of the two!

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Room Reveal: Miss H’s Big Kid Room

We recently had a big change in the Hopscotch household: we moved Miss H into a new bedroom! I was so excited to move her into her “big girl” room and to change up the layout of our house. In short: our home is spread out between three levels, with Mr. H and I having [...]


Ikea for Kids

We all know that Ikea is a great source for modern, affordable furniture, but I thought I would share some of my favorite Ikea items that aren’t necessarily for kids. We own and use almost all of these items daily!

Norahs room updates

Live and Learn – Setting Up a Nursery

Setting up Lil’ Tea Cup’s nursery was my favorite decorating project that I have ever done. I used to sit in there for hours on end – dreaming of rocking her in the glider and hanging her tiny clothes up –  imagining what she would be like. It was and still is my absolute favorite [...]

Bold Colored Furniture

Bright and Punchy Nursery Furniture

I love bold colors. What better excuse to embrace them than because of a small child? I remember crazy furniture in Disneyland as a child and always wanted something curvy and colorful. I love these quirky furniture pieces, and many of them are handmade etsy pieces. The frames (5) are particularly affordable, and they would [...]


Juliet’s Nursery Storyboard

I knew what I wanted Juliet’s nursery to look like long before she was ever born. I think this is the room I would love to have for myself if I didn’t share a room with a boy who has his own opinions and tastes too.  We have only recently started working on Juliet’s room [...]

Moodboard for Little Girl Room

Little Girl Room

Interior designer and DIY maven Camila from Effortless Style blog is sharing this sweet mood board for a little girl’s room today, along with some tips on how to transition a nursery into a toddler room. And read on for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate to win bedding from Crane & Canopy at the [...]

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