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Bold Colored Furniture

Bright and Punchy Nursery Furniture

I love bold colors. What better excuse to embrace them than because of a small child? I remember crazy furniture in Disneyland as a child and always wanted something curvy and colorful. I love these quirky furniture pieces, and many of them are handmade etsy pieces. The frames (5) are particularly affordable, and they would [...]


Juliet’s Nursery Storyboard

I knew what I wanted Juliet’s nursery to look like long before she was ever born. I think this is the room I would love to have for myself if I didn’t share a room with a boy who has his own opinions and tastes too.  We have only recently started working on Juliet’s room [...]

Moodboard for Little Girl Room

Little Girl Room

Interior designer and DIY maven Camila from Effortless Style blog is sharing this sweet mood board for a little girl’s room today, along with some tips on how to transition a nursery into a toddler room. And read on for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate to win bedding from Crane & Canopy at the [...]

nursery 12

Creating a Nursery on a Budget

When I found out I was expecting, not only was I excited for Little Deer’s arrival, but I couldn’t wait to decorate her nursery! I didn’t know exactly what I wanted her nursery to look like, but I had a few things in mind. As far as colors go, I wanted to have a lot [...]


Isaiah’s Nursery

As soon as we found out that we would potentially be adopting a baby boy or girl, Mr. Polish and I laid in bed that night discussing how we would decorate the baby’s room. We knew we weren’t going to have nine months or more to prepare because Isaiah’s birth mom was five months along [...]

montessori nursery1

Our Montessori Inspired Nursery Makeover

Recently I came across some articles about creating a Montessori environment in the home. I found these very interesting, especially in light of my child development/education background. I am not trained in Montessori education, but I know a little bit of the methodology, and I believe in creating spaces that are accessible to children. I had [...]


Little Lion’s Nursery

Before we even found out we were going to have a baby, I had decided I wanted to use this nursery as my inspiration. I loved the bright colors, and since we will likely have more than one child sharing this room at one point, I loved that it was fairly gender neutral. And this [...]

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