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MissHRoom (12)

Room Reveal: Miss H's Big Kid Room

We recently had a big change in the Hopscotch household: we moved Miss H into a new bedroom! I was so excited to move her into her "big girl" room and to change up the layout of our house. In short: our home is spread out between three levels, with Mr. H and I having [...]


Ikea for Kids

We all know that Ikea is a great source for modern, affordable furniture, but I thought I would share some of my favorite Ikea items that aren't necessarily for kids. We own and use almost all of these items daily!

Norahs room updates

Live and Learn - Setting Up a Nursery

Setting up Lil' Tea Cup's nursery was my favorite decorating project that I have ever done. I used to sit in there for hours on end - dreaming of rocking her in the glider and hanging her tiny clothes up -  imagining what she would be like. It was and still is my absolute favorite [...]

Bold Colored Furniture

Bright and Punchy Nursery Furniture

I love bold colors. What better excuse to embrace them than because of a small child? I remember crazy furniture in Disneyland as a child and always wanted something curvy and colorful. I love these quirky furniture pieces, and many of them are handmade etsy pieces. The frames (5) are particularly affordable, and they would [...]


Juliet's Nursery Storyboard

I knew what I wanted Juliet's nursery to look like long before she was ever born. I think this is the room I would love to have for myself if I didn't share a room with a boy who has his own opinions and tastes too.  We have only recently started working on Juliet's room [...]

Moodboard for Little Girl Room

Little Girl Room

Interior designer and DIY maven Camila from Effortless Style blog is sharing this sweet mood board for a little girl's room today, along with some tips on how to transition a nursery into a toddler room. And read on for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate to win bedding from Crane & Canopy at the [...]

nursery 12

Creating a Nursery on a Budget

When I found out I was expecting, not only was I excited for Little Deer's arrival, but I couldn't wait to decorate her nursery! I didn't know exactly what I wanted her nursery to look like, but I had a few things in mind. As far as colors go, I wanted to have a lot [...]

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