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Jewish Pregnancy Traditions and Baby Naming

Before I get started, happy belated Passover to all the Jewish members of the hive.  Despite my best intentions to post about preparing for Passover with a baby in tow, the hustle of holiday prep and travel got away with me, and it just didn’t happen.  My apologies. What I am excited to share are […]

Boy or Girl? According to those Old Wives…

With Wagon Jr., we decided to be Team Green (meaning to keep the gender of the baby a surprise, not be environmentally friendly) and it was a little torturous to try and guess what was growing inside of me. Most people, including me, suspected I was having a boy. But then again, most guesses would […]

Old Wives’ Tales

Koreans, like many Asians in general, are very superstitious.  They have old wives’ tales for just about anything, and postpartum care is no exception. Koreans believe that your body is very vulnerable after you give birth, and problems you develop post labor can persist for the rest of your life. That’s why you shouldn’t leave […]

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