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Our Family Calendar

Once Charlie started public school, there were so many school events and holidays we needed a better system to keep track of them. Google Calendar on our phones wasn’t cutting it because we needed something we could see in one glance every day. So I painted our entryway wall with chalkboard paint and put up […]

Finding a Balance: Making WOH Work

When I started back to work after having Little Oats, I honestly thought I wasn’t going to survive. Yes, this is dramatic…but so am I. Between getting myself and Little Oats (and Mr O) ready to be out the door, to packing lunches (rather than blowing the budget by eating out all the time), to […]

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Managing Clothes with Boy/Girl Twins

Once we knew we were having boy/girl twins, I set about gathering and organizing clothes. I had kept almost everything of Miss H’s so I had plenty of “girl” clothes as well as a good amount of gender neutral clothing, as we had not revealed Miss H’s gender before she was born. For “boy” clothes […]

A Personal Challenge: Streamlining My Life

I am suddenly very much into the idea of “streamlining” my life. My meals. My wardrobe. My home. My beauty/hygiene routine (practically non-existent at the moment). I want it all organized and simplified for optimum efficiency. I want to have only what I need, where I need it. Accessibility is key. Minimizing daily decisions is major. […]


Controlling the Toy Clutter

When I was pregnant, everyone always told me how much stuff babies seem to come with. You feel like you have to register for a million different things and there is baby paraphernalia all over the place. It’s overwhelming! But, I have to say, baby stuff is absolutely nothing compared to the insanity of toddler toys. Y’all, it’s […]

Decluttering Our Lives: One Year Later

I wrote a post about our major decluttering one year ago when we moved to a smaller apartment. I thought it was time for an update on how we’ve been doing because even though we got rid of so much stuff then, it’s amazing how decluttering is an ever ongoing process. In an ideal world we’d get rid […]


Organizing a Closet for a Toddler

My biggest goal when organizing our home is making it child friendly. This means making areas the kids need to use as accessible as possible. With Little Lion’s move to his new room, I had the opportunity to design a closet with him specifically in mind. Come take a look! Little Lion does not have […]

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