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Mason Jar Art Supply Storage

Liam is just starting to get into arts and crafts now that he is two years old. I had a basket where I kept the chalk for our kitchen chalkboard (it is on the side of a cabinet and goes all the way to the floor so he can draw on it, too), but once [...]

Exterior Porch

Family Friendly Mudroom

Over a year ago, our home addition project began with my wish for a family-friendly mudroom. Our main entrance, which was off of the side of the house, entered into our tiny kitchen and dining room, and I just didn’t want shoes and coats in the dining room anymore. Today, while we’re struggling to get [...]


30 Ways to Display Children’s Art

Children create a lot of art and when Charlie was in daycare and created “masterpieces” every day, we threw most of them away and only kept a couple of our favorites. Over the past year, Charlie has really come to love arts and crafts. Now that he’s older, he gets really excited about displaying his favorite [...]

Decluttering Our Lives: What We Got Rid Of

Kristin’s decluttering series inspired me so much I immediately purchased the book she recommended, The Joy of Less: A Minimalist Living Guide, and started applying the principles to our lives. Often we hold onto things we don’t need because they still work perfectly fine, we might need them one day, or we have a sentimental attachment. [...]

Culling down

There have been a lot of great posts on Hellobee lately about minimalism, and the book The Joy of Less, A Minimalist Living Guide: How to Declutter, Organize, and Simplify Your Life. I feel like a lot of what the book says describes me to a T because I have hoarding tendencies. It can be a [...]


10 Strategies for Preventing Toy Overload

While I was pregnant I read this article about a mom who decided that her little boy could grow up just fine without conventional toys. As a minimalist, this intrigued me. Little Lion has toys, but very few in comparison to many other children I have known over the years, and I hope to keep it that [...]


A Simple Kind of Life: How to Declutter Your Home in One Week

This is my entire makeup collection. Minimalism comes naturally to some people, but it does NOT come naturally to me.  I needed to first learn the philosophy behind it, and then I needed step by step instructions.  It ended up being totally doable, and strangely addicting.  A real life changer, and just in time.  We [...]

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