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Taste-Safe Sensory Paint

2-Ingredient Taste-Safe Sensory Paint

Do your kids like getting their hands a little messy? Give them a chance to paint a masterpiece or just enjoy a sticky, squishy rainbow with this easy to make sensory paint. It’s a bit like finger paint, but thicker and more mushy. It’s also taste-safe because it’s made with pudding!

Fluorescent Fireworks Printing

Print Fluorescent Fireworks with DIY Stamps

Fireworks are a summertime favorite. They are enjoyed at celebrations, ball games, and holidays, and with this art project, they can be enjoyed in your home too! I’ve always thought that fireworks were beautiful, but as a child I couldn’t tolerate their booming and startling sounds. These brightly printed pyrotechnics would have been right up my […]


DIY Edible Fingerpaint

I have half of my buffet drawers filled to the brim with kid craft supplies, and my boys love nothing more than to break them out and start making something. Recently we were all out of watercolors and they wanted to do “crafts.” So we searched for a fingerpaint recipe, and found lots with dish […]


Watercolor Name Painting

by: Danyelle of Dandee Designs One of the easiest and least expensive activities my children and I enjoy doing together is watercolor painting. I’ve learned that if I give them something to paint (like the letters in their names) the activity not only lasts longer, it’s fun and educational too.

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