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10 Ways You Know You’re a Mom

I’m obviously the same person I was before kids, but I’m still growing and learning too. Motherhood has changed me so much in the past two years. I feel like I’m simultaneously my best and worst self. Children are great magnifiers of our good and bad qualities. I react differently to situations than I used […]

9 Momfessions

While I’ve been thinking and writing about serious topics like restoring peace through budgeting and family mission statements, my mind has often wandered to a different, but related, topic … which is my list of things I don’t really care or worry about that other people do (I call these “Momfessions”). Honestly, although this topic is […]

Five Things I Wish I Knew Before Having Kids

A few of my friends are starting to have their first and second kids, and I always getting asked about what things I wish I knew beforehand. I’m not an expert by any means, but I guess 3 kids in I am least giving off the vibe that I have some of it together. I […]

I hope Harry Potter will be a long time favorite in our house.

Embracing life with older kids

I have three boys in second grade.  Wait… what? How did that even happen? To make matters worse my daughter is in Transitional Kindergarten. They are all at the same elementary school now. I drive up to the school gate and all four of them jump out of the car and wave back with a […]

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Life is Full of Stress and Joy

I have been thinking a lot about motherhood and living abroad and life plans but haven’t known what to say about it. The only thing I can say is that we’ve created a lot for ourselves to handle right now. We’re moving to the country, losing our babysitter, I’m trying to prove my worth after […]

30 Things I’ve learned since becoming a parent

Being a new parent is intense. It is a period where you experience your highest highs and lowest lows, yet inevitably look back at the experience with nothing but the fondest of memories. Over the last few weeks, I came to the somewhat sad realization that I’m not a “new parent” anymore. That’s not to […]

Accepting when I can’t

I can’t  make a homemade dinner every night. I can’t make fancy goody bags or homemade treats for every school event. I can’t keep my sink from filling with dishes. I can’t always let each kid have a long playful bath time every night. I can’t be a room parent or volunteer to work in the […]

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