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What Teaching Has Taught Me About Parenting

When I decided to become a teacher, one thing I never really expected was how much I would learn about life and parenting from my career. As a teacher, you have a very personal insight into a ton of different families and family dynamics, and it has always been fascinating to me to see the […]


You’ll Never Know When It’s the Last

Drake was around eighteen months when he suddenly hated baths. He would scream and kick and try to climb out of the tub, water would splash all over the bathroom, and I would end up soaked with a crying toddler in my arms. It wasn’t a very pleasant time, and I started to avoid giving […]


Why I’m Leaving the Crayon Marks

We’ve got these crayons marks in our bathroom… …they’re from Jackson’s favorite bath crayons, and I can only assume he made the marks one day when Mr. Garland or I had him hanging out in the bathroom while we took a quick shower. They look awful. Normally, something like this in my house would make […]

My sister I didn’t know

I have two younger sisters and I am the oldest of the three of us. This is usually what I tell people when I first meet them, depending on how much I think the person will actually turn out to be involved in my life. The truth is, I have but never knew, another older sister. […]


Managing Expectations

My mother and I have always had a very contentious relationship, and even as an adult, I struggle with it often. Fundamentally, at the core, my mother and I are two vastly different people. If I want to go left, she almost always wants to go right (this is even how we fall politically!). And […]


Top Ten Phrases I say 1,000 times a day with a three year old

I often feel like a broken record as a mom.  I feel like I say the same few things over and over and over and over. And then over again. Here are my most frequently used phrases – check them out and let me know if you have any gems that help keep the peace […]


Parenthood in the Philippines

Shortly after we moved here, there was an embarrassing incident where one of our kids refused to eat their food. A local mom friend was watching in amazement, so I asked her if local kids are ever picky about their food. She said that picky eaters simply don’t exist; that kids are hungry, so they will eat anything. Then there […]

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