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My Struggle to Follow My Own Good Advice

Parenting is hard. We have very little, if any, control over when our kids throw tantrums, get sick, blow out their diapers, or decide they hate the food they happily ate without complaint the day before. But there are some things we can do to make parenting easier, and I’ve pulled together my top 5 tips […]

5 Things Learned from Grandparent Camp

Eli is a first born, only child, the most beloved grandson of three sets of grandparents; in short, the luckiest little guy around!  The big issue surrounding all of this love is that it all resides 9 hours away. Enter grandparent camp! My parents were in town and needed to go back to California for […]

Role Reversal

Growing up in a very conservative, traditional Christian family, I was quite used to rigid gender roles. My dad worked as a high-level executive, and when it came to tasks around the house, he was responsible for the typical ‘man’ jobs; taking out the garbage, cutting the grass, repairing things (or arranging for repairs), etc. […]

On Our Best Behavior

Now that Will is almost two years old, speaking, running, and very much an interactive tiny human, I’ve realized: Damn it. I have to attempt to be a model grown human. Will’s skills of observation are something to envied. He’ll see things Mr. Milk and I have overlooked – huge trucks, yes, but also tiny paintings […]

Looking Forward

On the back of my most recent post about the future of growing our family, part of me is trying to be positive and look ahead at the things waiting for me if Fiona is indeed the last baby to pass through this home. As much as I love being pregnant and having those adorable […]


Hoping they will be Daddy’s girls forever

A couple weeks ago, Mr. Juice went out of town for a work trip. He was only gone for three days, but you would think that it was forever for the girls. Of course, I’ll admit it’s gotten a million times easier to take care of the kids now that they are 4 and 7 […]

What I Wish I Had Been Told

As a soon to be new parent, you get a lot of unwanted advice and most of it is pretty much the same. There’s a lot of “sleep while the baby sleeps” and “enjoy this time while they are little” or “you will fall in love immediately.” But there are a few thousand things that […]

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