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Reinventing Me-Time

Before Little Oats was born, I needed healthy doses of time alone. My anxiety disorder meant that being around people completely overwhelmed me, and working in a busy clinic left me worn out by the end of the day. Every night after dinner, I would crash on the couch and just get lost in a [...]

Work in one hand, life in the other

WOH Challenges - The Free Time Conundrum

My phone rang at 6:25pm Monday evening. I was doing my usual evening sweep through the house - turning on Baby Carrot's sound machine and humidifier, getting her PJs out of the closet, picking up toys, while Mr. Carrot was finishing up dinner with her in the kitchen. Normally, I don't pick up the phone [...]


Coming Out of the Fog

It has been a long summer in the Lion household! We began a pretty substantial home renovation project in April, and shortly after found out we are expecting our second little one (a baby girl, due in February!). To say I have been overwhelmed is an understatement. Combine a super active toddler, a non-toddler friendly [...]


In the Blink of An Eye

They say childhood passes in the blink of an eye; one minute you are rocking a newborn in the middle of the night, the next you are waiting anxiously by the door at midnight for that baby to come home. Time flies and it's true. When I wake up, my mind still feels like I'm [...]

Trying to avoid the comparison trap

Lately I've been thinking about ways that I can be a better parent by avoiding the comparison trap. And by that, I mean in all areas of parenting. Comparing my two daughters to each other... Comparing my kids to my friends' kids... Comparing myself to other moms... Comparing the family I grew up in to [...]


recharging as a mom

This past year has been really busy for me and my husband in many different ways. We now have two children and our baby is turning into a very active toddler. The preschooler/toddler combination along with my husband's sometimes 12 hour days, has left my head spinning in so many different directions it's hard to [...]

At the corner of "will" and reality

As nearly all first time parents, I had a lot of ideas for the kind of parent I wanted to be and the rules I would follow and ones I would ignore. And like most parents, I quickly found myself throwing most of those expectations out the window. Admittedly, my list of things of "definitely [...]

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