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Me and my little sickling

Trusting my Mommy Instincts

Here’s a story that will sound familiar to anyone parenting a child under the age of two.  Cranky, clingy baby.  Drippy nose.  Sleep gone to hell.  Mild diarrhea.  Low grade fever. Rubbing at the ears.  All signs point to ear infection. Me and my little sickling

I can’t protect them from everything.

When our first child comes into this world and we hold their tiny little bodies close to ours, we snuggle and our heart becomes full.  We hope and pray for their futures.  We wonder about who they will become. We memorize each tiny minute detail of their face. And then of course we vow to [...]

Just after finishing our 10K!

Self-esteem and motherhood

Recently there was a post on the boards where someone asked a fairly simple question. How is your self-esteem these days?  My answer to that is not very easy for me to own up to, but I did answer on the board and I have been thinking about it ever since. I hate to acknowledge [...]

The Courageous “Choice”

Before I got baby fever and started perusing the online parenting world, I naively had no clue about the “Mommy Wars.”  A few hot debates quickly jumped out, such as exclusive breast feeding versus bottle feeding and attachment parenting versus the cry it out crowd.  While I think it’s unfortunate that these debates sometimes sink [...]

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As You Grow

It is not often that I write poetry. In fact, I haven’t even attempted it since I took a Creative Writing class in high school. But as I was looking back at pictures of Little Deer as a baby the other day, I was absolutely overcome with emotion. My little girl is growing up. And [...]

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Stop Time.

Hi, there. Remember me? I used to blog around these parts and then fell off the face of the internet about 3 months ago? (Yikes, 3 months?!) We’ve been busy running our little rodeo, and although nothing’s really changed from 3 months ago until now, somehow life just feels busier. And in addition to it [...]


My First Year of Motherhood

Little Deer’s first birthday is next week (oh my goodness!) and as we get closer and closer to the big day, I can’t help but think about what a year it’s been. Though turning one is a big milestone for LD, it’s also a huge one for me. I have made it through my first [...]

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