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Twenty Minutes

I recently posted a photo of a quilt top on Instagram… and within minutes, I had three texts from friends with the same exact question: “How in the world do you find time to quilt?!?!” It was followed by a smattering of emoticons that ranged the gamut from the “thumbs up” to the “shocked face” [...]


If My Toddler Was 18

Someone recently told me that the traits that can make toddlers extremely challenging at age two are the same qualities that other would likely admire when they are young adults.  While it is hard to imagine my little guy in kindergarten, much less graduating high school, I thought it would be fun to explore this [...]

My nerdy science teacher may have been coming out a bit.  Yes in fact his shirt does say bactieria are our friend.

A Changing Identity Part Two: The New Mom Days

In my last post I talked about my identity before having kids. Those few years before I became a mother were some of the darkest I have known, and I struggled a great deal.  I thought the solution to finding myself would be to become a mother.  I knew once I became a mother that [...]

A new mom and a new grandma on Mother's Day last year.

Becoming our Parents

Before becoming a mother, I thought so much about how I was raised and the things I would do the same or differently when I became a mother. My parents got divorced when I was eight years old, so that was a defining moment in my childhood that changed the way both of my parents [...]

Colin, literally dragging his best buddy E into our village

Building a “Village” from Scratch

As Colin approaches his second birthday, the days blur together in a flurry of messes, play dates, tantrums and “eat, play, sleep” cycles. And although each day seems to blur into another sometimes, I remember those first few months of my parenthood journey so clearly: An endorphin rush at his birth followed by a hormone [...]

Me and my little sickling

Trusting my Mommy Instincts

Here’s a story that will sound familiar to anyone parenting a child under the age of two.  Cranky, clingy baby.  Drippy nose.  Sleep gone to hell.  Mild diarrhea.  Low grade fever. Rubbing at the ears.  All signs point to ear infection. Me and my little sickling

I can’t protect them from everything.

When our first child comes into this world and we hold their tiny little bodies close to ours, we snuggle and our heart becomes full.  We hope and pray for their futures.  We wonder about who they will become. We memorize each tiny minute detail of their face. And then of course we vow to [...]

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