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What I Wish I Had Been Told

As a soon to be new parent, you get a lot of unwanted advice and most of it is pretty much the same. There’s a lot of “sleep while the baby sleeps” and “enjoy this time while they are little” or “you will fall in love immediately.” But there are a few thousand things that […]


Don’t Go To Bed Angry (With Your Kids)

I’ve always hated the advice, “never go to bed angry.” While I appreciate the sentiment, the practicality of it has always been elusive to me. My husband and I aren’t big fighters, but sometimes we’d get into arguments that lasted too long to fully settle before we were exhausted and we’d go to bed angry. […]

“Small Steps” Parenting

When I first became a parent, I was surprised at how many parenting “approaches” there are. I use that term in quotes because “approach” signifies a formula of sorts, and over the years I’ve come to believe that characterizations like “attachment,” “helicopter,” etc. to name a parenting styles are broad terms for usually a few […]


Mo Toys, Mo Problems

When we moved to the Philippines, the kids brought a couple of books, a handful of small toys and some drawing supplies. For the first month we were amazed that they kept themselves occupied by happily drawing 4-5 hours a day. Then I found a used book store in the island capital and bought a […]

From a Mom to New Dads

Both of my pregnancies sent me into research mode pretty immediately after finding out I was pregnant. I wanted to read everything I could and there was so much information readily available to me. I read about preparing for birth, what to pack in my hospital bag, how to decorate a sweet nursery, the best […]

Helping Our kids Learn from the bad

A few months ago I was at a fundraiser with my oldest daughter for one of our friends. I thought the location was pretty secure, so I took out some of my essentials and hid my purse underneath some jackets in my backseat. I didn’t have my younger daughter with me at the event, so […]

Parenting Expectations vs Reality

When I first thought about being a parent, I had so many expectations about how it would be, but the reality of things were much different. I had these visions in my mind of my children and I lounging on a Saturday morning basked in sunlight, with a homemade meal sitting in front of them. […]

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