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Handling Questions about Death and Beyond

Mommy, are mummies real? Seems like an easy enough question, right? I paused for a minute knowing that this was one of those parental moments. I could just say no, knowing that he was really asking about the scary monster kind, and avoid the whole uncomfortable talk about death. But then what if a fellow […]


11 Ways Parenting Gets Much Easier

On Mother’s Day, I went out for drinks with a couple mom friends while our husbands put the kids to bed. One of the moms of a 2 year old and 3 1/2 year old said that she felt like she was still struggling, while it seemed like most other moms did the whole parenting […]


5 Tips for Solo-Parent Bedtime

Due to Mr T’s work schedule, I end up doing dinner + bedtime for the kids alone most nights. When D was very young it was hands-down the hardest part of my day! To be fair I was also juggling his broviac IV and other medical stuff which had to be taken care of each […]

Twin parenting

The Most Important Parenting Lesson Having Twins Has Taught Me

When I jumped into the world of parenting, it was in a two for the price of two kind of deal. My sweet, big boys are identical twins, which means that genetically speaking they’re pretty much as close to being the same person as any two humans can be. In fact, we always say they […]

Back when big brotherhood made Colin smile

Being a big brother is hard

New motherhood is hard. I think anyone can tell you that. As I prepared to welcome our second child, I looked forward to life with baby. After a couple years of tantrums, power struggles and general toddler challenges, the idea of a baby who just eats, sleep and poops, doesn’t mouth off and generally aims […]


The 5 Love Languages of Children

One day, my son just stopped listening to me. At first, he developed “selective hearing”: he wouldn’t hear me the first time I said something, but would hear (and usually listen) the second or third time. But then his case of selective hearing developed into something far more serious: full-on defiance, and a refusal to […]

How do you define success for your child?

My girls are only 3 and 6, but last week when I came across this article in the New York Times parenting blog titled “Raising Your Successful 35-year-old,” it really made me reconsider some of the basic beliefs I have regarding parenting. Basically, it asks the question of how we define success as parents, and […]

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