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“Purposeful” Parenting: Our Approach

A few months in to this parenting gig, I can safely say the I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. And yet, I feel pretty good about how Will is being ‘raised.’ There are a number of approaches to parenting. Some titled quite intentionally (free range parenting, for example) and some that are […]

Superpower Diagnosis: Secretly a Teenager by Six Months Old (Smirks Included)

What’s Your Baby’s Superpower?

I have this theory. I am not sure if I developed it out of necessity, for the sake of humor, or if one night William whispered into my ear as I drifted off while nursing him… BUT! It’s a theory and I shall share it with you. Here it is: Every baby has a superpower. […]

Would You Let Strangers Take a Picture of Your Child?

I’m so curious how people handle these situations. Not that they arise that often, but it has happened to us and I’ve seen it happen to other parents. My husband and I have slightly different reactions to this and so I’m curious, what do you do? When my in-laws were visiting recently, they took us […]


Why I love this particular age

So I’ll admit I’ve been feeling nostalgic these days. My youngest is just over 3.5 years old, and since we’re not planning on having more kids, I find myself more and more often wishing I could freeze time. There’s something about the three year old stage that just gets me. I’m not really a newborn/infant […]

My four little trouble makers.

They just love to test me

My four little trouble makers. These are my beautiful children. I could talk for hours about how wonderful they are, about how much I love them, and how much I love motherhood. And it would all be true. These four smiling faces are my world. But they have learned a new trick lately that has […]

When Mama Needs to say, “I’m Sorry.”

A couple months ago, I wrote about all the transitions in our life and how it had taken far longer to settle in than I initially expected. I talked about the addition of our third son and how I knew what to expect this time, and how long it would take for everyone to feel […]

Is it possible for your child to have too much self-confidence?

The other night I was lying down with my three and a half year old daughter trying to get her to fall asleep, and I gave her a big squeeze and said, “Oh I love you, you’re so sweet.” I wasn’t expecting her to respond, but she did. “And smart, Mommy!” she said, just in […]

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