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A new mom and a new grandma on Mother's Day last year.

Becoming our Parents

Before becoming a mother, I thought so much about how I was raised and the things I would do the same or differently when I became a mother. My parents got divorced when I was eight years old, so that was a defining moment in my childhood that changed the way both of my parents [...]

Investing in my Marriage

I’m going to nice and honest here. Marriage is hard. I didn’t think so the first year; no, that year was pleasant, easy and fun! We were in love and could do and be anything. It was that bliss of the first year that propelled that first thought – “We are so happy! Let’s have [...]

What I Wish I Knew Then

One of my good friends just had their first child.  I’m so thrilled for her, and it’s time warped me back to all my hopes, worries, and wonders right before I became a parent.  Having recently reached the milestone of surviving the first year with the Toddler Dudes, I can’t even remember half the things [...]

Monster Spary; a mother's secret weapon

Something is in the closet

In our house we have had an ongoing infestation.  Well not our whole house, just the closets.  It’s not something we can call an exterminator for.  Mr. Train and I unfortunately cannot win this battle and I fear it will continue to plague our house for years.  Some nights it is out of control and [...]


Scaffolding – Helping our Kids to be Independent

Before I was a parent, I was a preschool and elementary school teacher. I have worked with kids of all ages, and discovered that they all have one thing in common — they all want a LITTLE more independence than their current abilities allow. Whether we are talking about a 1 year old who really [...]

Becoming a Parent all Over Again

Shortly after Scribble turned one, parenting suddenly felt a lot more difficult.  I Googled around to see if anyone shared my anxiety.  I heard a lot of equivocation and euphemism.  Parents spoke of their toddlers “driving them crazy,” or making them “want to pull their hair out.”  I wasn’t sure if this was literal, or [...]


Positive Parenting

I recently read a parenting article somewhere (and of course, I have no clue of the source – sorry!) that basically said instead of approaching something with your child from a negative place, do it from a positive place. In my head I say “duh,” but truthfully it’s very, very easy to say, “Don’t throw [...]

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