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Working Full Time: How to Maximize Quality Time

I love being a teacher, but getting back into the swing of the school year is hard, y’all. We just recently started back, and I’m finding myself missing summer more and more with each passing day. I think I’ve said this before, but if we lived in a perfect world, I would stay at home with […]

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From the Eyes of a Special Needs Parent

Sharing in other’s perspectives is so important. I came across this moving cartoon from The Telegraph‘s political cartoonist, Bob Moran, which details his journey to fatherhood with his daughter with special needs. I cried and cried (but may be overly sensitive given my own situation) so I caution you from watching this at work! Watch […]

Do We Know Too Much?

A Facebook group of mamas I have the privilege of being in recently had a discussion about plans for pain management during birth. The initial poster – a mama a few weeks out from her due date – was thinking about the impending process of birth, and didn’t really want full on birth stories (we have […]


It Won’t Last Forever

Some days as a parent are exhausting. There are the days where Jackson is teething and he wants nothing more than to be held all day, and any time I need a moment to myself, he begins to whine. There are the days where he wants to exert his ability to make choices, and he […]


Thoughts on Race and Parenting

As is very obvious to anyone following me here on HB, I am white, Mr. T is Indian (well actually, Malaysian-Indian), and our children are biracial. Although Mr. T and I grew up in the same general area (and met in high school), because of our different ethnic backgrounds we had pretty different experiences growing […]

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Taking Time to Notice the Happy

Having twin toddlers is a special kind of crazy. I love those little bundles of energy, but it sometimes feels like my day is one big blur of tantrums, emotional breakdowns, and discipline. For a while, I was truly feeling like I must be a terrible mother because my kids were just unhappy and miserable […]


The Surprising Power of the Snuggle

Life in our family has radically changed for us since we changed how we parent Charlie a few months ago. We used to really struggle with my son’s listening (and by listening, I mean, not listening). But after we started adding more snuggles to our routine, we’ve seen an enormous change in his behavior. He […]

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