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Mindful Parenting

When K was younger, we were gifted Mindful Monkey, Happy Panda. K is a sucker for animal books so we read it over and over, and the message eventually stuck with me! The story revolves around Panda teaching Monkey to be “mindful” in all the things that he’s doing – to focus on the task at [...]


10 Things I Know about the Newborn Stage the 2nd Time Around

Let me start off by saying my transition into motherhood was rocky at best.  Thinking about the newborn stage would often make me shudder, as it was heavily marked by depression, anxiety, and insomnia with my first-born.  I knew with my second child things would be different, but I didn’t know how different. With my [...]

Landing the helicopter

This past weekend marked a big occasion in my nearly 16 months as a parent. I went away for the weekend. It was not a work trip, of which I’ve now had a couple, and it was on a weekend, when Mr. Carrot would have to have Baby Carrot all to himself for two solid [...]


Raising an International Child

Mr. Carrot and I are both first generation immigrants and avid travelers (pre baby, anyway). So one of the most important things to us in raising Baby Carrot is to expose her to different cultures and international experiences, and hopefully raise a similarly curious explorer and excited traveler. With that in mind, we designed Baby [...]

Building an Emotional IQ

What, exactly, do you say to your child when she hangs over the back of the sofa, tears streaming down her red face, fists clenched, trying desperately to understand why her friend no longer wants to be her friend? Meanwhile, said friend calls over, “I have better friends than you. They’re nicer. I gave you [...]

Watching Your Words

Even when I don’t think he is listening to me, he clearly is. When Drake was younger I used to take him to Gymboree classes. Drake started at around 8 months, well before he could walk let alone climb, and we stopped shortly before Juliet was born when he was almost 3. They had all [...]

Three Under Three

We are so excited about this little bit that is joining our family in a few months but yesterday, I may have had a wee panic attack about having three kids under two years old.  Granted, the older two will only be under two for a couple of months, but I’m still terrified of managing [...]

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