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Where Do We Go From Here?: Post-Election Thoughts For Myself and My Children

I wasn’t sure whether a political post was appropriate for this venue, but the current election raises more personal issues than elections traditionally have. In the week since the election, I have felt a mix of emotions ranging from disbelief, anger, sadness, frustration, fear, and determination. One of the first questions I asked Mr. Dolphin […]

Be Kind

As Addie gets older, I find that I’m struggling to figure out exactly what my ultimate goal as a parent is. I want the world for her, of course. I want her to be smart, and happy, and successful, and surrounded by love. I want her to be secure in her own strength, and unafraid […]

Raising Our Children to Resist Rape Culture

As parents of two sweet little boys, Mr. Dolphin and I often discuss the ways we want to raise them. When we discuss the values we want to instill, in today’s world, we inevitably come to the discussion of how to raise them to actively resist rape culture. Part of me wants to believe that […]

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Six Things We Did that Parents are Not Supposed to Do

Mr. Dolphin and I are far from perfect parents. Lion and Panda are constantly teaching us how flexible and adaptable we have to be as parents and how much growing we have to do. We will never be perfect parents, but we do the best we can. We read parenting books and blogs, seek advice […]

Five Things I Wish I Knew Before Having Kids

A few of my friends are starting to have their first and second kids, and I always getting asked about what things I wish I knew beforehand. I’m not an expert by any means, but I guess 3 kids in I am least giving off the vibe that I have some of it together. I […]

Back to Basics

When I first introduced myself to this website, I mentioned my hands off parenting approach. It could be called lazy parenting, 80’s parenting, or just simply back to basics. In the past two and half years, I’ve realized that I tend to over think and complicate things, planning too much and thinking too big. The most […]

Just like that, one day, we're now coloring inside the lines

This I Know For Sure: Parenting Edition

Baby C is a few months past her 3rd birthday, and recently, I found myself typing a post on the Hellobee boards about encouraging independence. While visiting a friend, I noticed her son, just a month younger than Baby C, going to the bathroom all by himself. My kid, while potty trained, has always required […]

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