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I don't know how it happened but he is a big kid now.

Big boys and kisses

To my surprise and amazement, my sweet little baby James has miraculously sprouted into a full blown little kid. One day I asked him how school was and gave him a kiss on the cheek, and it was like I had thrown acid on his face. He threw himself to the floor clawing at his [...]


Unconventional Methods – The First Year

In my professional life as a teacher, I was always one to read the latest research and give new things a try. Now that I am a mom, this hasn’t changed. Many of the things we have tried this year have been a little unconventional, and I have had to do a whole lot of [...]

20 things I need to teach my daughters

Being a parent is tough isn’t it? Among all of my children’s basic needs like food, clothing and shelter, I also endeavor to teach them many wonderful things: ideals that will leave a lasting impression on their hearts that I hope I live long enough to see. I hope I leave an impression on them [...]


Putting on a Positive Spin in 2014

We are nine days into a new year.  As anyone effected by the polar vortex -15 degree nonsense can attest, it has made the first week of 2014 a bumpy one. Seeing that this is a new year, a time ripe with resolutions and efforts in self-improvement, I thought I would share my simple resolution [...]

To the Beat of His Own Drum

I have always been a social person who enjoyed the company of others. So when Drake was born, I was excited at the idea of taking him on playdates to make friends for not only himself, but me as well.  I thought back to my own friends, some of which I have known since my [...]



For the past few months now, Drake’s favorite color has been pink.  In the past if you asked him what his favorite anything was, you would get a different answer every time. Now that he is sticking with the same answer, this might indeed be a true and conscious choice. Both Mr. Chocolate and I [...]

how to deal with toddler tantrums

Make it Stop

I realize this title is a little dramatic. Okay a lot dramatic. However there are moments that I admit, I have uttered these words out loud, probably at a louder volume then I should. Sometimes motherhood – well it is pretty damn hard. One of those moments for me is when the Lil’ Tea Cup starts [...]

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