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Talking About the Birds and the Bees with Kids, Part 1

Now that our son is 4 1/2, he’s started to ask more questions about the birds and the bees. When I was a kid, most parents would wait as long as they could before having a Big Talk with their children (usually way after it would have been useful). Or, they would completely avoid the [...]


The Scourge of Entitlement, And 7 Ways to Fight Back

I can’t stand whining, so we’ve been working really hard to keep our kids from getting entitled. Sometimes we slip though, and it’s amazing how quickly entitlement can rear its ugly head!  Quick example: Charlie had a fever yesterday morning, so he stayed home from school.  After his temp was down, we went on a [...]


Four ways to build trust and love without words

We’ve had a lot of luck building trust with our older son.  It’s been a bit trickier with our daughter, because she’s younger and not as verbal as her brother was at the same age. To help with that, we started looking for  ways to build trust and love without having to use words.  They’ve [...]

The Gatekeeping Dynamic, aka Why So Many Dads Step Up After a Second Kid

In the year after Charlie was born, I didn’t do nearly as much as I could have to help raise my son — or even to help out around the house.  My excuse at the time was that I was working long hours at my job, which was true.  But when Bee got pregnant with [...]


Can You Do Me A Favor

Drake is at the amazing age where he is learning more about his own independence as well as trying out new abilities and accomplishments.  Along with that he is also developing a understanding of what he wants and doesnt want, which doesn’t always line up with what mommy and daddy want for him. These two [...]

Little White Lies I Tell My Toddler

Sometimes I’m not up for a battle with my toddler, so I will tell a white lie or two to avoid a meltdown and redirect her attention elsewhere.  I still remember the ones my parents told me… and I actually believed them until I was a teen!  They sound so outrageous now – I can’t [...]


4 ways to build trust with your kids

We’ve worked over the years to build a strong relationship of trust and love with the kids. I think that this strong trust has really helped us weather the storms of toddler tantrums and preschooler behavior problems. I really love this picture of Bee and Charlie from last summer, because you can tell how close [...]

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