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A modern tropical themed first birthday party

Our family just returned from a trip out to California to celebrate my nephew’s first birthday. Like Baby Pizza, he also had a traditional Korean first birthday celebration, also known as a dol. My sister decided to go with a modern tropical themed party. She hired party decorator, Yoonie, who she collaborated her ideas with to […]


Kidchella Themed Party

I have two friends who threw a joint “Kidchella” themed party for their 2-year-old daughters. It was one of the cutest and most brilliantly done parties. The most important set up was the teepee, which is already the most adorable area toddlers can play in! My friend just made it herself using simple steps found […]


A First Birthday Story

I’ve never been the type of mama who puts a great deal of energy into planning life’s “big moments.” When Will’s beautiful, messy, curly baby hair grew too chaotic to handle, I asked Mr. M to cut it while Will ate his breakfast one morning. I watched our little one’s blonde-tipped babyhood fall in small […]


William’s First Birthday: A Summer Soiree

Will is about to turn two years old, and I am in the midst of planning a small-ish family gathering for him. As I plan, I’ve been reminiscing about the fun I had crafting and executing his first birthday! Will had an OBSESSION with blueberries this time last year, so that was at the center […]

Inspiration for an adorable lamb birthday party. These are all so incredibly cute !

Fiona’s Lamb Birthday

It’s party planning time again as Fiona’s first birthday creeps closer and closer. Fiona was born in the year of the sheep, so I thought a lamb party would be the sweetest way to celebrate her big day. I have been gathering up ideas from Pinterest as well as my own imagination about how I envision […]


A first birthday celebration

Earlier this month, we celebrated Baby Pizza’s dol, which is a traditional Korean first birthday celebration. I kept telling myself we were going to have a simple party, but it started getting more elaborate once we started planning, and somehow we ended up with a guest list of over 100 people. With large families on both sides and friends who are like family to […]


A Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday for Two!

Since our two kiddos have birthdays that are only 2 weeks apart, we plan to organize joint parties for them, at least for the next few years. This year Little Lion has really enjoyed the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and I thought that seemed like a perfect theme for a birthday party! We have rented […]

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