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LeLe’s 3rd Birthday Party

LeLe turned 3 last week, and I had been wracking my brain to figure out what to do for it. She wanted to invite friends from school but I didn’t feel comfortable having kids in our house because of the size (small) and the dogs. I would have preferred to find some place local that […]

Rainbow Color Mixing Garland

DIY Rainbow Color Mixing Garland

I don’t know about you, but I still find the way that colors mix and blend to be a little magical. Especially when three colors can become an entire rainbow. When you use paint, getting the mix just right can be tricky, but cellophane blends really well. Make this rainbow banner to show your children how […]

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Life is short. Eat Dessert First: A First Birthday Party

Planning Lil Tea Cup’s first birthday was a labour of love. The theme itself ended up being a nod to my dearly departed Grandmother, who always let me have my dessert before dinner. When fellow Hellobee blogger Mrs. Sketchbook mentioned that an ice cream party was a great budget friendly way of having a kid’s party, […]


Lil Miss Wagon’s Dol Celebration

When we started planning Lil Miss Wagon’s first birthday party, we wanted to keep things as simple as possible. We wanted a laid-back party where family and friends would gather and eat yummy food. We also wanted to have the traditional Korean Dol display table and doljabi. And that’s pretty much it!


Party Utensils DIY

When I found the Sucre Shop on Etsy, I fell in love with their customized wooden party cutlery, especially the adorable chevron spoons (the owls were a close second!). I was trying to think of how I could DIY this myself since I knew I’d need at least 50 forks for Jacobi’s first birthday party. I […]

Lollipop Balloons

I created some candy lights for Christmas last year, and thought these lollipop balloons would be a perfect pairing. They could also be used for a birthday party. And like all the best DIYs, these are a cinch to make and could even be made by kids.


DIY Floating Balloons

A field of balloons brings an instant party punch for little time and effort. Using fishing line, kitchen skewers and small rubber bands, you can stake balloons in the ground to give them a gorgeous vision of floating through the air.

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