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After dealing with the roller coaster that is pregnancy after infertility, I fully expected to wait another several years before trying again for a baby. I knew it would take strength to prepare myself for month after month of disappointment, and I didn’t know how I would handle that with a toddler running around. Following […]

Infertility and Alternative Medicine

This is a guest post by Hellobee community member, redsmarties. You can follow her on her blog Baking and Babies. .  .  .  .  . The majority of infertility success stories that are shared in the media today are those that involve ART, or assisted reproductive technologies. These interventions are wonderful; I love that we […]

On our honeymoon in Mexico we were young and in love and ready to start our family

I am 1 in 8

This week is national infertility awareness week.  I have read that 1 in 8 woman will suffer from infertility.  I am one.  5 years ago in the midst of fertility treatments, I never would have dreamed that I would be sitting here with four children.   I so desperately wanted just one. I have read several […]

TTC #2

Now that we’ve adopted, I think we fall into the rather unique category of trying to conceive our second child while having not conceived our first. Alright, it isn’t that unique, but it sounds kind of funny. While I’m nowhere near ready for another newborn, we have been talking a lot about our other kids. […]

Reproductive Endocrinologist

As I mentioned previously, I was very hesitant to admit that there was something wrong with me, and couldn’t figure out why my regular doctor couldn’t help me get pregnant. I knew seeing an RE would be expensive. Very few states offer infertility insurance coverage, and our state isn’t one of them. I knew my […]

PCOS, Clomid and our journey toward parenthood pt 3

Part 1 Part 2 After our bill was paid in full, I went in for another office visit to discuss Clomid treatment. I was previously given two options: wait to start a period on my own, or take a pill called Provera to start my period.  For the first time in over two years, I […]

An Unexpected Pregnancy, Part II

This is a guest post by Hellobee community member skipra. You can read Part I of her story here. ~~~ It was not until the whole family left and we went back home after the funeral that we could begin to process the miscarriage. I think the conversation that my husband and I had was […]

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