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Photographing the Everyday

When I first got into photography, I remember staring at pictures of children frolicking in wildflowers, having tea parties in enchanted forests, and rolling in lush rolling meadows. I wanted those images until I realized that that wasn't real life (at least for me). Most days my life is mired in typical suburbia with its [...]


Sleeping Photography

I have had sleep battles with Drake since he was a newborn. Even now I think he gets far less sleep than he needs, but there doesn't seem to be anything I can do about it. I put him down around the same time every day, but he can stay up for hours playing, talking, [...]


Newborn Photography Gear

As a follow up to my other newborn photography post, I thought I would share some of the equipment newborn photographers usually have, as well as how you can get the same stuff for less. I wanted to take beautiful newborn photos but I also realized, at least for now, this is a hobby for [...]


Project 365... Revisited

{Otherwise known as "My love affair with ShutterCal" or "How I conquered the p365"} {A peek at this year's p365 format} First, a little background. I've been doing a Project 365 for over three years now. (You can read my first post about it here.) It's something I'm very passionate about, and I adore being [...]


Photographing a Toddler and Baby

Recently Mr. Chocolate asked me to print a photo of Drake and Juliet together to frame it as a birthday gift for his mother. After looking at my slew of photos, I realized I have hundreds of photos of both Drake and Juliet individually and so few of them together. Part of the reason is of [...]

Getting in the Shot

If you are like me, you have thousands upon thousands of photos on your computer documenting every millisecond of your little one's lives, from the moment they were born right up to this moment. Juliet probably thinks my face is that big black box that is always in front of her making silly noises. I [...]


Photographing a Baby Who Can't Sit Up Yet

I am currently taking another photography workshop this month. I've been using Juliet as my subject for my daily shooting and homework assignments, as she is easier to photograph these days than Drake the whirling dervish. Juliet is just starting to be able to sit up and can only do it for short periods of [...]

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