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Photo apps: Enlight and Afterlight and Layout, oh my!

I’ve downloaded one too many photo editing apps on my iphone over the years and though I am still a devoted VSCO Cam user, I thought I’d share a few cool new apps I’ve come across that I’ve added to my repertoire. ENLIGHT ($4.99) iPhone/iPad If I were forced to choose just one photo editing app, […]


Fresh 48

Fresh 48 is a term used in the newborn photography world referring to capturing the first 24-48 hours of your new baby’s life. Since most women end up staying 2 days or 48 hours at the hospital, most of these photos are taken in the maternity room where baby and mommy are staying. I have […]


Easy Ways to Display Family Photos

I’ve always been a photo-taker. I love to have photos of the various events throughout my life, and I’ve always been big on keeping scrapbooks and photo albums (and, of course, it’s only gotten worse now that I’m a mom). I love having all of these photos, but I have to admit that I struggle sometimes […]


Nailing Focus When Shooting Young Kids

I know when it comes to shooting little kids getting a good focused shot is one of the most important things parents want, but also one of the hardest things to achieve as well — those little guys move like lightening! I remember at the start of my photography journey getting so frustrated when I […]

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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Photography

It’s no surprise that it’s hard to take photos of young children. They move too quickly and generally tend to do the exact opposite of what mommy and daddy ask of them. Through the four years of my photography journey, I have slowly learned to adapt some of my photography to better suit my goals while […]


Photographing the Everyday

When I first got into photography, I remember staring at pictures of children frolicking in wildflowers, having tea parties in enchanted forests, and rolling in lush rolling meadows. I wanted those images until I realized that that wasn’t real life (at least for me). Most days my life is mired in typical suburbia with its […]

Sleeping Photography

I have had sleep battles with Drake since he was a newborn. Even now I think he gets far less sleep than he needs, but there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do about it. I put him down around the same time every day, but he can stay up for hours playing, talking, […]

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