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Photographing a Baby Who Can’t Sit Up Yet

I am currently taking another photography workshop this month. I’ve been using Juliet as my subject for my daily shooting and homework assignments, as she is easier to photograph these days than Drake the whirling dervish. Juliet is just starting to be able to sit up and can only do it for short periods of [...]


My Journey Through Photography Books and Workshops

Like a lot of parents, my photography journey started when Drake was born and I became a mom.  I had always loved photos before, but something changed once Drake entered my world.  Everyone says babies change every day and I wanted to make sure I captured it all — every smile, every funny face, every [...]

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Nikkor lens options and a bit about bokeh

As promised, here’s my Nikon lens roundup. Nikon lenses go by the brand name “Nikkor,” and while there are certainly many other brands to choose from with mounts for Canon and Nikon alike (ie Sigma, Tokina, Zeiss), I’ve personally just stuck with brand name lenses for my cameras. If there is a specific focal length [...]


So you want to choose a lens for taking baby pictures

In my former life I was a wedding photographer, so I invested in the gamut of lenses and cameras from a basic credit card sized digital camera, to a compact camera with a sensor the size of a crop sensor DSLR, a crop sensor DSLR, and a full frame DSLR. The only thing I don’t have [...]

Snap Shop 7

Capturing the Baby Dudes : Snap Shop Review

A few months ago, I begged my parents & Mr. Blue to spring for an early Christmas gift that I’d been salivating over since around August 2011, a DSLR photography course called Snap Shop, taught by the very talented Ashley Ann of Under the Sycamore.  Seriously, check out her pictures.  I die a little of the [...]


Stomach Flu and Family Photos

You can imagine from the title of this post that our family photos this past weekend went a little less than smooth. It started before the weekend even began with a rude wake up call around 4:30am. I was down for the count for 24 hours, and my was it ever unpleasant. It is never pleasant [...]

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Editing Photos with Picmonkey

There are many photo editing website available out there but my absolute favorite is Picmonkey.  It has a ton of features, is super easy to navigate, and best of all it’s free (with the option to upgrade to Royale membership for some advanced features/texts/effects.)  I do most of my photo editing in Lightroom, but because [...]

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