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Holiday Photo Shoot

A few weeks ago, we headed to Christmas Ranch Tree Farms in a neighboring town to take some family photos with our friend, Michelle York Photography. My parents, brother, and sister joined us for a few minutes for some shots of all of us together, but my mom is keeping those offline until her holiday cards [...]

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Fall Family Photoshoot

After years of putting off a family photoshoot, we finally bit the bullet and did it.  I’ve been wanting one for awhile now, especially since it’s so hard to get a family photo with all of us in it.  It was hard enough with one kid, but with two kids and both our hands full… [...]

Visiting Santa

Last year, Liam was just 8 months old when he visited Santa for the first time. We couldn’t get a really good smile out of him for the picture, but he wasn’t aware enough to be scared or nervous. This year, though, he is 20 months old and at the age where Santa can be [...]

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School Portraits

In the two years that Lil’ CB has been home, we’ve taken lots of pictures of him. Like, LOTS. I’m thinking we have close to 10,000 (!!) photos of our child. With digital cameras and good quality cameras on our phones, it’s easy to just snap snap snap away! Of course, this means that not [...]


Introducing the Trikester

Our images are back from Lisa Rossi, and we couldn’t be happier — all that baby whispering paid off! I will be the first to admit that the Trikester isn’t the most naturally photogenic guy – he’s tiny and wrinkly and just looks so serious most of the time – there was even a little [...]


Styling a Family Photo Shoot

It’s always such a treat to have family photos taken, especially since photos of all three of us together are so rare. Since Lil’ CB has been home (2 years next week!), we’ve taken family portraits yearly, and it’s a tradition we hope to continue so we’ll always have at least one set of good [...]


Behind The Scenes at a Newborn Photo Shoot

As a shower present, one of my best friends gave me a gift certificate for newborn photos with the talented Lisa Rossi. Originally, I wasn’t planning on paying for newborn photos; I have a nice camera, I enjoy photography, and I figured I could take pictures myself. Now, after having had the Trikester’s newborn photos [...]

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