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favorite books for toddlers

Baby Pizza is 20-months-old and is growing more and more in love with books every day. Every morning when she wakes up, she will say “book!” and choose a book she wants me to read to her on the couch. Here is a list of Baby Pizza’s current favorite books! Time to Say “Please”! – Whenever […]


Non-fiction Picture Books for Kids

Drake is asking a lot more questions these days as he is learning so much more about the world, and trying to explain everything to him is getting harder. He has always loved these National Geographic books and has amassed quite a few on various topics, but I have a love of illustrations so I’ve […]

Upcoming Books for a 1, 3, and 6 Year Old

A new year means new book releases to look forward to! I always love seeing what amazing new stories I can introduce to my kids this year and I have my eye on all of these new ones coming in the next few months for my three kids aged 1, 3, and 6. A G […]

Swarm: What is Your LO’s Current Favorite Book?

A G E  < 1  Jujube, 7 months – Loves the mirror at the end of Peeka-Who? Lilly (8 months) and Audrey (7 months) like books that have touch-and-feel features. Pat the Bunny is a current favorite, as is the similar Pat the Cat. They also really like this Itsy Bitsy Spider book because of the little finger […]


40 Picture Books for the Holidays

I love the Christmas book advent calendar Mrs. Paintbrush blogged about here and plan on doing the same thing with my kids this year, albeit with Kindle books since we don’t have a library or bookstore here. It takes a little bit of the fun out of it not unwrapping a book each night, so I also […]


Favorite Books for Preschoolers

It’s a rare sight to see me leisurely reading an adult book, but put me in a room filled with good children’s books and I’m in book heaven.  Lil’ Pizza loves books and I treasure the times that we have when we read a good book together.  The books listed are ones that Lil’ Pizza and […]

Hello Bee - My First Discoveries

Classic (and gorgeous) Non-Fiction Books – My First Discoveries

I love gorgeous non-fiction books. They teach children about the world around them and they inspire and ignite the imagination! Earlier in the year, I found out about the My First Discoveries Series. This series is so reliable, no matter the topic I know my children will love them! They are just the right level […]

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