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The way we play

Play and learning have always been of big interest to me. My mother is a teacher, and I worked with kids of all ages all through high school and college, so when it came time for me to become a mom, I really took the idea of being my child’s first teacher head on. Before […]

To the Beat of His Own Drum

I have always been a social person who enjoyed the company of others. So when Drake was born, I was excited at the idea of taking him on playdates to make friends for not only himself, but me as well.  I thought back to my own friends, some of which I have known since my […]

Sensory Walks with Infants

I try to take the kids outside twice a day, even if it’s just for a short walk. The fresh air, sunshine, and change of scenery is important for them (and me!). Olive had a little bit of time before her nap this morning, so I strapped her forward facing in her carrier and we […]

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