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Treating Toddler Constipation

Charlie has had trouble with constipation on and off for the past 8 months. We’ve tried addressing it by making dietary changes, but over the past month the problem has just been getting worse. I fear that the problem may largely be psychological because Charlie has been on Miralax for the past week, but he’s […]

Miralax: A Popular Cure But Never Approved For Children

Charlie’s been having painful stools lately, which is really interfering with his potty training.  So our pediatrician recommended we try pear and prune juice. We tried both out, but he just hates any juice! We even tried to blend some prune juice into his milk, but he wasn’t a fan of that either. So our […]


Ok, so anyone with a baby or toddler knows the fear of taking their kiddo to the pool or pond in terms of them wearing a swimmie diaper. What if there’s a poop? And what if it, GASP, leaks? Well, it happened to us over the summer. And it was all the nightmare I thought […]

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